grandaughters spine surgery

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    y grandaughter ad 2 rods put in her ack jan 9th it was very streeful she cried for hrs the night before. and so did her mother and i.

    the surgery took 7hrs and went great after recovery she said she was so glad she had it done

    she looks like a new kid shes2to3inches taller.the nurses said what a god girl she never let out a whimper. she said it was way better than she expected im so glad its over,

    thank you all when i was crying on hereabout the surgeryyou a;; helped love gail
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    Hi Gail,
    How old is your g. daughter? What hospital/doctor did her surgery? I myself wore a Boston brace for most of my teen years and escaped surgery...I'm glad she was able to get it done, as my spine is in very bad shape and now doctors are saying I should've had it done. I've actually gotten worse in the last 10 years and lost several inches in height slowly over time, to add to what I already had lost. Did she have to wear a brace at all?

    I have one daughter, 10, who has a mild curve that they are watching. It scares me so much but there is a really good doctor (Dr Lerner) in this area so I feel safe with his opinion.

    I know surgery has come very far in the last 20 years with better techniques-- that's wonderful that she's doing so well.

    I'm just north of Dayton and I agree with your other is too cold here! My daughters are in Indiana right now w/ a family visiting friends and I hate the thought of them driving back through the freezing rain but that didn't seem to be in the forecast earlier.
    Take Care and hope the pony stays warm!

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    we are neighbors my grandaughtersis 15 ill see who dr was he was great at childrens.

    my grandaughter loved it there they really treat you right thx for reply love gail
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    I am so glad that everything went well. I hope that it definelty benefits her in the future as well.

    My daughter who is 16 also has worn a brace for about 5 years and her curves are still at 48 top and 48 bottom (that was a year ago her last checkup). We go back to childrens hospital in a couple of weeks for her next checkup. She will most likely have the surgery as well, which I think would be better in the long run so she doesn't have problems when she is older.

    How long of a recovery time is it for your GD???
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    We are neighbors!
    Are you left handed? I was a hair stylist too, but w/ my wacky back, it lasted all of four years. I am left handed and rarely came across other left handed stylists (who cut, etc w/ their left hand). I still have my blades but tremors prevent all but simple trims on the rare occasion I'm steady enough to hold them in my hand!

    I'm glad your g daughter is doing well and I assure you, she will always be better for having gone through the temporary pain. It's so worth it!

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    My heart goes out to you...five years in a brace and still needing surgery...ugh! My curves were about the same as hers (lower curve always worse)...I had two or even three opinions and I opted not to have it done but if I could go back in time (especially w/ the advanced skills and procedures invented since the 80's) I would choose to have the rods.

    I had been told if the curves are in the 50's, then they will never "set". I'm not sure if thinking along those lines has changed but if she's up that high, and only 16 (and you said it's been a year) she may be more inclined to have problems in the future.

    I had back pain starting at age 14 or 15 (was put in the brace at 12 and wore it full time till 16.8 years old, and part time till age 18, and at night till 19). Now I would hate to even describe what x-rays look like, not to mention the agony of my twisted back! I can only lay on my right side if I've taken pain pills most of the time, I have arthritis along the spine and ribcage, trouble w/ one lung, and trouble standing and sitting, which they blame on the position and twist of the lower curve. I don't even know the numbers of my curve now, as it would probably just depress me.

    I got good treatment the years I wore my brace, swam a lot, and they did everything (parents, doctors, school) to make me feel normal...but now that we discovered a curve in my youngest daugher, who's only 10, I feel the old feelings coming back.

    What kind of brace did she wear? All my children have been x-rayed and just one seems to take after me. I'd rather her get the surgery, rather than the torture of a brace! Did your daughter mind wearing hers?

    Anyway, I hope I didn't scare you, but life can be good even with rods, that's what I've heard!

    take care,
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    Thanks for making me feel better about her getting the surgery. She wears the brace that looks like a corset, she was one degree away from wearing the brace that goes up to the neck, so she got lucky on that.

    She had a lot of pain in her back. It was weird, we went to the doctor for a cold and he asked her if she had any other problems and she said that her back hurt all the time, that was when we found out, he made her bend over and boy could you see the curve. I couldn't believe I never noticed it before or that the school never tested for it.

    Anyway, she started wearing the brace at 11/12 and wore it 24/7, except if she was in the water or sports, so we put in a pool for her so she could be free of it during the hot summer months. At first she hated wearing it, very uncomfortable and she could only wear stretchy clothes. But then she got used to wearing it and it didn't bother her at all. As a matter of fact, when they told her at her last appt a year ago that she didn't have to wear it anymore, she still continued to wear it at night.

    She was actually fitted just like getting a cast on your arm, that is how they made her brace. Even acter wearing the brace it still got worse but it probably would have been even more worse if she didn't wear the brace. Next Monday is her appt and they will do xrays and measure her curves again. I am hoping that it is better, but i doubt it, she still has so much pain in her back.

    Good luck with your younger daughter and I would recommend a brace as soon as possible. Oh, I also to Lindsay to a special chiropractor that dealt with scoliosis for about a year 3 days a week and that was a waste of time and money unfortunately.

    I will let you know her results as soon as I get them.

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    I had missed your post but wanted you to know that a good friend's neice had this surgery fifteen years ago. She is doing great.

    How scary for your GD. However, a wonderful outcome.

    Please keep us informed.

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    you all are so caring please excuse typos her dr was dr wall she went from49 to 73 in 2years

    she is off sxhool for 4to6 weeks totaly normal in6 months dr said shell be able to do everthing.

    shes such a good girl i call her my sidekick

    cindy icut with both hands weid huh my niece lives in springboro are you near there.

    i told GD we wasted a lot of tears she agreed hers was so bad it would eventualy press on heart so no chice she had her first tutoring session today

    thank you all for your replies love gail