Granddaughter and Great Grans Hearing Fri. Update, Need Prayers

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    My daughter has had the children all month, my granddaugher was with them ove Christmas, then leaves and comes back. This month she has only called once to ck on them or to ask for money .

    She is living with some loser and has lost everything, my heart breaks I feel I have lost my granddaughter. I did call her and talked with her today and ask her how she was and what she wanted with her life. She told me she wanted everyone to leave her alone. I cried and told her I loved her and if she ever wanted us back in her life I would always be here, but no more material things ..She blames her situation on her mom and me.

    I ask about the children and she gave me no answer, so it doesn't look like she will even show up in court Friday. The children's dad deserted them and now their mom.

    My daughter is a widow and is having a very rough time financially, she is working 3rd shift at a nursing home and getting no sleep, she also has a 15 yr old at home that feels rejected since most of our attention lately has been on custody of these little ones.

    We need prayers that Justice will be done on Friday and the little ones will be given to my daughter and that God will provide financially, and little damage be done to the children including the 15 yr old.

    Guess I am venting but I feel like there has been a death in the family.

    Thanks you for your prayers,

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    You, your daughter, your 15 year old granddaughter, and the little ones have my prayers. I will also pray for the little oned Mom too, she needs prayers also.

    I hope that things go well at the hearing. It is tuff to have to do it, but those little ones need to be protected and cared for. I am sure that it is tuff on the 15 year old. Hopefull it will be over soon.

    Please let us know how things come out.

    God bless; Pam
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    Pam, thank you so much for your reply and prayers..