grandmabb Savella today??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by hensue, May 19, 2009.

  1. hensue

    hensue New Member

    Keep us posted and tell me how much you take? How you are feeling so we will kinda know what to expect. Some people have no side affects.
    Some do
    Take care
    good luck
  2. cathugs

    cathugs New Member

    Yes, please do post so we can hear how the savella is working for you.
    I hope it is not making you sick.
  3. GranmaBB

    GranmaBB New Member

    I just took my second pill and it's way to early to tell.
    SO far so good. I'm a little dizzy, but blood pressure & heart rate is good.

    Will let everyone know as time goes on.
  4. GranmaBB

    GranmaBB New Member

    I finished day 2 and am very surprised - no bad side effects yet.
    I didn't do well on Cymbalta or Lyrica.
    I'm not nauseous at all.
    Only problem I have is that I take tramadol and according to all I read, you CANNOT take tramadol with Savella at all. (could be fatal)

    I normally take 2 tramadol in the morning then take Vicodin later in the day. So I only had the vicodin and my back was really hurting. I have severe osteoarthritis and could never figure out whether the pain is from FM or OA.
  5. cathugs

    cathugs New Member

    grandmabb I have OA really bad also and sometimes it is hard to tell
    which one is hurting the worst. I guess we will find out before long
    if the Savella does what it is supposed to.

    I have had 3 total joint replacements and wonder which one will
    be next.
  6. GranmaBB

    GranmaBB New Member

    How many days are you on it?
    How are you feeling so far?
  7. faithinlove

    faithinlove New Member

    keep us posted and let us know how this makes you feel.I hope this is your miracle.
    take care and ((hugs))
  8. GranmaBB

    GranmaBB New Member

    Just started day 4 which doubles the dose.
    So far no bad side effects.
    I think that the celbrex that I started 4 days before the savella is really working - can't tell which it is.
    But I had been having horrible pain in my hand/thumb and was going to get another cortisone shot. My hand pain is almost gone now.
    My lower back hasn't been hurting as much.
    But I have new pain across my upper back from shoulder to shoulder - could be the way I sit at my computer.

    I am absolutely shocked that i haven't had any side effects - usually everything bothers me. So that makes me happy.

    CATHUGS - how are you dong on it? You've been taking it longer than me.
    Thanks everyone for their concern and well wishes.

    I'll keep updating.
  9. GranmaBB

    GranmaBB New Member

    I know I'm taking a real risk. Having already had bad experiences with Cymbalta & Lyrica, I was hesitant about this one.
    But in just 4 days, I think this one might work for me.
    So far I have a lot less pain and I'm not as sleepy or foggy as I was.

  10. cathugs

    cathugs New Member

    I am on my 12th day today. Still having a touch of nausea. My pain is coming and going. Some days have been better than others.

    I got my script filled today. STICKER SHOCK!!! My insurance would not pay without prior authorization. I went ahead and paid. $ 128.00.
    I will have to get my doc to call ins. I knew if I waited I would run out because my pharmacy will be closed Mon. and probably the doc also.

    Oh well, if it helps at all it will be worth it. I don't hurt nearly as bad in my upper back and ribs. I am hoping it will work better once I get the full dosage in my system.

    I know some people try to discourage others from taking drugs,
    but when you are hurting so bad you can't take a step without pain,

    When you are hurting so bad in your ribs it hurts to breathe, when you see your house dirty and you can't do but a little each day,

    When you go grocery shopping and your body is screaming in pain by the time you get home, and you are in agony by the time you get the stuff in the house ,

    When you can't hold your arms up long enough to curl your hair,
    Well then *I* am going to take what everI need to for the pain.
    I am not going to suffer any more than I have to.

    I had rather take a chance on side affects than to live a miserable life.

    Sorry for the rant.

  11. GranmaBB

    GranmaBB New Member

    Wow. You sound just like me.
    It sure would be nice to be able to clean my house again. Thankfully my husband understands all this - his arthritis is getting really bad, so now he understands a little of the pain I've had for so many years.

    I kinda liked your rant.
  12. cathugs

    cathugs New Member

    I used to keep my house spotless and work full time. Now I work 3 days a week and my house just gets the basics done and sometimes not even that.

    I get so mad at my self because I can't do the thing I used to.
    Then I get depressed, and then that makes the pain worse. It is such a vicious cycle.

    My husband is very understanding also about the house. It took him years to understand the fibro,but after tearing a disk last winter and getting a frozen shoulder I think he finally began to understand what chronic pain is. He was laid up all winter.

    He is very active for his age. He is 73 and mows about 40 lawns a week. He has had his own lawn care business for years. The back
    has slowed him down a little.

    I am 62 and he can work rings around me. He has had only one
    surgery in his life. I have had 9, including 3 total joint replacements.

    He is so healthy I could just smack him sometimes. Other times I am grateful that he is because I don't know how I would take care of him
    if he got down sick.

    Well, you have a happy holiday.
  13. hensue

    hensue New Member

    Glad so far so good!!! I called my Doc about getting on the drug and he said I would have to get off my Wellbutrin Sr. He did not know about the drug. So I am not getting off the wellbutrin it is the only thing so far that has kept me from jumping head first in a river. It does give you more anxiety at times though but I have been taking it for 10 years.
    It works with dopamine so I do not understand why I would have to get off of it. If it was a serotonin drug I would understand.
    Also what milligram are both of you on now?
    hang in there and let us know
    Jam doesnt have fibro she doesnt think? Though she does have health problems and pain.
    She also makes excellent suggestions at times. I think she is trying to be helpful.
    So please keep us informed hope all goes well

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