Granni/HBP and Cinnamon

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    Granni, thought of you when I got this info from a friend today. I sent it
    on to another friend who deals with erratic BP and diabetes....I buy my
    Cinnamon in bulk at my local health food store and will use it more during
    the day, I will start to add it to my green drink.

    This is meant to address HBP and HBS....

    (((I forgot to mention that a steady intake of cinnamon will help in any
    case of diabetes regardless of which type it is. Apparently the
    cinnamon makes the body more sensitive to insulin and thereby reduces
    the body's need for it. I would say that a steady intake of cinnamon
    should be a part of anyone's diet if that person has diabetes. In fact,
    I would not be surprised if it would help alleviate high blood pressure
    too, since most of the cases of high BP are accompanied by elevated
    levels of insulin.)))

  2. jaminhealth

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    If one googles:

    Cinnamon and Blood Pressure
    Cinnamon and Cholesterol
    Cinnamon and Blood Sugar/Diabetes
    Cinnamon and Arthritis

    There is a ton of info on this OLD spice that is used
    for so much.
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    Hi Jam,

    DH and I have been taking cinnamon caps daily for some time. Started I think when he was dxed with borderline diabetes. We both have been taking it. I need to check more into dosage and see if we or I need to take more. We take two caps at night after supper. I forget if that is 500 or 1000 mg a caps.

    Yes, I know it is good for many things especially the blood sugar but I need to some more reading on it to determine if we are getting the most out of it and if we need to take more.

    Thanks for thinking of me with the b/p. It seems to be settling down some. We will see. It seems to have helped DH too and we are eating more wheat or whole grain pastas when we eat those things. He never was a BIG sweet lover and I always tended towards the salty stuff than sweets but do enjoy s small sweet or piece of choc. once in awhile :)!!

    Thanks again and TTYL !!

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    I was just reading up on dosing, and it seems MOST take doses 3 times per day with that can be critical I think....I'm going to order some soon even thou I have bulk for my green drink and coffee, I want to take more during the day with foods.....and, it could help with OA also.
  5. Granniluvsu

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    Yes, I found that too 3x a day but since I am trying other things I want to wait a bit before I start more cinnamon for b/p and possible pain too.

    Thanks !