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    Granni, I was just looking thru some lab works and noticed that my
    MD did a test called N-Telopeptide and my results were High, out of the
    6.2-19.0 range, my result was 34....

    She didn't go on about this test and I left and now seeing that it is a
    test for OP marker. She always asks me if I want to do a bone density
    test and I continue to say NO....I had one maybe 10 yrs ago....

    I don't feel I have OP per se, but with aging the bones break down and
    I do believe osteopenia is going on. I've lost 2 inches over the last maybe
    10 yrs..... the joys of aging....along with everything else. Thank goodness
    Wisdom abounds and Freedom and comfort to speak what one believes...
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    Thanks Diane for bumping.....

    Also for Granni et al, my recent labs showed calcium at 9.2 on a range of 8 to 10.5 and this is taking 500mg calcium per day, some days, very few, I may take an extra 200mg of my Now Foods calcium, but I like Rainbow Light food based calcium which is 500mg tab high absorbable product. Plus my Women's 1 from Rainbow Light has 200mg calcium but I don't take a multi every FOR ME, I believe I'm getting enough calcium intake.

    Again, I've heard from others who had calcium nodules on their thyroid from sucking
    on those crappy tums for calcium source from their MD's advice, really bad advice as
    far as I'm concerned....and others with calcium deposits in joints.....

    Talking to my chiro yesterday and bring up this subject he said sounds like you have a good supply of calcium circulating in your blood.....

    A lady waiting to see him says her doc has her taking 1500mg per day and I showed my kinda shock at that....

    So, it's very very confusing what MD's MD is fine with 500mg Cal and 900+mg magnesium.....

    Granni, just wondering what your labs show on calcium.

    Anyone else can chime on their calcium labs......jam
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    Granni, no comment?
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    Hi Jam, Diane, et al,

    Thanks again for bumping Diane.

    I have been doing so much the last few days since I have been home I haven't really been reading and posting as I should. I know I have done some but I guess I spent so much time trying to figure out SW or myself supposedly ignoring each other. Not sure either one of us did so. Think we were missing each other, including myself.

    I saw the post down there but was busy to check it but finally did. I still haven't finished my dumb exercises today and have missed some days due to our trip.

    I will have to check but not sure I have ever had a Calcium blood test. Probably a good idea though. I will check to see to make sure. I will have to wait till my yearly checkup comes around.

    Originally when I was dxed and since then they have said about 1500 mg Ca daily or thereabouts. I don't eat or drink a lot of Calcium rich foods other than yogurt in the morning and occasionally some cheese. Of course occasionally ice cream. I know I have taken in less at times esp when I switched brands of Ca. and found after taking one tab. for awhile it was only giving me half of what I thought I was getting due to the serving amount they said on the back of the bottle. I know I have been reading where some docs say to take less, than they used to. So who knows. All I know is I have had bad OP and not a whole lot has helped. We will see when I have my next Bone Density scan. I am almost afraid to take it as I have taken a couple of rounds of Prednisone for bad rashes, etc. and I know that is not good for your bones.

    You have to watch these companies too that sometimes tell you 200 mg of GSE for instance on the bottle and only to find it is 2 capsules, not one that make up the serving of 200 mg or whatever else. That bugs me. I have even checked the back when ordering and I could swear it said one caps per 200 mg and when I got it it said 2 caps per 200 mg which really is 100 mg pre caps. Last time I tried to check with the company they were sold out or not on line at that time supposedly out of stock I think.

    Thanks for your post and input and sorry I have been late to see it. Got home late Friday and then have been busy every since. Sorry about getting away from the subject a bit.. I will try and get a Ca test as soon as I can but with all this insurance hubbub happening who knows. We are still waiting to see if DH's company is going to give us anything besides Medicare ):!! Still waiting .

    TTY both later.