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    I had read on the thread about step that you had a saliva gland infection...

    I was just wondering about this...How did you know that is what it was?? Was your saliva glands swollen??

    The reason I ask is my Dad has been DD with burning mouth syndrom...but since his saliva glands have swelled up and his mouth seems even more dry...

    He took one bout of Abx and nothing happened...I never know what to tell him..I told him to get an apt. with the ENT...whether he does or not..

    But I would just like to know more about it..


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    Last year I had this on the right side and I turned my head to the right and it sort of hurt, so I looked in the mirror and it was swollen.

    This time it is on the other side and my face was red, went to the pcp and he said it was a salivary gland infection, put me on Duricef 500mg.2x aday for 10 days. It did nothing, so I went to ENT and she said that is what it is (I also had pus on side of throat this time, none last time) so she put me on Levaquin 500mg 1x a day for 7 days and Medrol for 7 days. Your mouth does get very dry because the opening is swollen and saliva cannot get out. They also check to make sure you do not have a stone blocking it. I have to put heat on it and massage it, it is painful to massage,

    To massage put two or three fingers behind the ear lobe and gently move toward the nose. Also if you suck on lemon drops as that is suppose to stimulate the gland to produce saliva.

    I will be needing more abt. as it is still not cleared up. Last time it took 2 0r 3 refills too.

    Try to get dad to go to ENT, cause the longer you let it go the harder it is to get rid of. Maybe sent him this note.

    Hope this helped. If I can help anymore give me a shout.
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    Thanks so much for getting back to me...

    How did you handle all those abx?? My stomach would be a mess..

    His are swollen on both sides..And his mouth is sooo dry...He did they one abx and it did nothing..I will tell him again to go to the ENT...

    Better yet..my sister is a nurse..I will tell her I talk to you and have her tell him...He always seems to listen to her better...LOL..He is very stubborn.

    Thank you...I hope you get over it soon!!
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    always listen to my sister better too...

    My stomach is bothering me have to eat something with every pill, I hope it goes away soon.

    Love, Granny