Grape seed extract & A Cancer

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    I was looking for some of my old grape seed extract/pycnogenol posts and can't find them....a friend
    sent me this link on colorectal cancer:
    I'm heading into 18 yrs soon on Grape Seed Ex and more and more out there
    appreciating the benefits of this antioxidant.

    A friend who takes Grape Seed Ex called me the other day and says City of Hope
    made a big mention about grape seed ex in their recent newsletter she receives...
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    My friend Lee sent me this info that City of Hope mentioned in their calendar newsletter. Lee fought cancer for a couple yrs and is not out of the woods, I don't think anyone ever is when they've had it.

    When I think of how my son in law had grape seed ex right under his nose since 1995, all the years he knew me, and he resisted/ignored it, he passed almost 2 months ago from an aggressive cancer he fought with chemo, radiation, etc. It's so sad and troubling to me, that he "could" be here enjoying what he had so much to live for...many cancer research centers are talking up grape seed ex. 55 yrs old.

    Here's what the city of hope article read:

    There isn't much to read as this was a notation on a calendar. It reads:
    "Researchers at City of Hope have discovered two ways grape seed extract could play a role in fighting cancer. Like mushrooms and pomegranates, grape seed extract inhibits aromatase--and the extract does its beneficial work without affecting healthy tissue. Grape seed extract also blocks the action of a protein that causes cancer to grow and spread, and it has the potential to starve tumors by suppressing their blood supply."

    I find this helpful to me because I have to take medication to inhibit aromatase. I checked to see if there are any contraindications in taking the grapeseed along with the med I have to take and there aren't. I'm going to talk with my oncologist about this, too.