Grapeseed Complex

Discussion in 'Weight Management' started by blueeyedgrl73, Sep 6, 2009.

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    I have been taking this for a little over a week and have lost 7 pounds. It has green tea in it and I believe that is what has helped with the weight loss. Green tea has been shown to increase also helps with cravings and energy. I am pretty overweight so this may be the reason I lost so much. Just thought I would post this info here in case it helped someone else. Of course, its best to talk to your doc before starting it. I made sure it didnt interact with my other meds first :) Blue
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    hey there...I just posted on the fibro board...hope it will be received well. I bought this at is the Spring Valley brand and called Grape Seed has really helped with fatigue! Glad to have lost some weight too! :) Blue