grapeseed extract

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    I've heard many people talk about this, and i'm not sure of the benifits of it. So many of the people on this board are medically knowledgle, that i am at a loss as to what some of these things are. I have trouble with most "natural" remedies, but this one seems to me to be something I would like to try. Also finicially feasible too. Could some one tell me what the benifits are?

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    It's a potent anti-oxident and circulatory stimulant that is able to cross the blood brain barrier. The biggest problem is that it may not be well absorbed.
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    I really appreciate your reply. Simple is better for me. I'm be no means "dumb", but my thought process seem to have fizzled.

    Thanks again...

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    I have used the following website.

    Go to the bottom of the page and click on Web Map Sites.

    Go to health and wellness and click on Natural Medicines Database. You can then put in what medicine you want to find information.

    This is the long way. If I can figure out how to embed this in the post, which I need to learn how to do, I will try to get it here tonight.

    The site gives information on the effectiveness of the medication based on studies, interactions with other medications and other valuable information.

    Hope this helps.

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    That it is a good thing and I for one am going to try it. I know I use a skin care product that is completely made from grape seeds and it makes my skin so soft(I know that has nothing to do with health benefits that you are talking about) but it sure helps for beautiful skin!