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    We are in need of everyone helping to bring awareness of this illness before congress.

    Please go to the co-cure website and bring up the website. On left hand side click on List Archives, then click on April 2006, week 4. Number 15 is the grass roots initiative information.

    Part way down the page you will see where you can go to download the congressional action letter. The letter is very well written. Make copies of the letter and add a short cover letter and mail to your congressmen.

    The grass roots article will give you a website for addresses of your senators and representatives.

    Please everyone, let's get behind this and swamp the congress so they are aware of our plight and the lack of reseach and care for us with CFS. If you are too ill to write about being sick, then at least still send the letter. Try to get others to send letters too. We need to do this from grass roots if we are ever going to succeed in going forward. Let our voices be heard. Thank you. E.
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    This is finally our opportunity to turn things around for all of us with this terrible disease. Let's get behind this.

    We can keep this bumped near the top until May 12 Awareness Day.

    Anyone who goes to other websites could also put a message on the other boards to get this going.

    MS was only recognized correctly after the MS society of people went to the congress for help. Until then the CDC and NIH just considered it "Hysterics Disease". Congress got involved to get MS to be recognized properly. We have waited too long for a correct classification and research money allocations, and the medical community to treat us with respect.

    Thank you for the support. Hugs to all of you. E.
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    Good stuff! Will do.:)

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    I copied it and pasted it to my wordpad. It is something I will take when I get interviewed on Monday by my local newspaper. I'm getting all the info I can to back me up, even though the reporter is a believer.

    God Bless!
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    I know that we have a big enough group here to really get the grass roots going. We need care and we need it now. The CDC isn't going to do it.

    If any of you know how I can get more of our group to read this post and get the word out, let me know.

    This has got to be a real push to get congress to listen.

    Thanks to those who are also trying to further our cause. E.
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    I, too,think this is one of our best shots at some real changes. We have to get the CDC to make changes and it appears that the only way is to go political.

    Thank you for helping to get info out. E.
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    I had been diagnosed with FM before the diagnosis of CFS. Yet the symptoms were the same.

    The CFS committees are trying to get the grass roots initiative out by May 12. I think that maybe there really is not much difference in the diseases as much as the difference in the name. If people wonder what I am ill with I say fibromyalgia. I think the stigma of CFS is worse. I carry both diseases???? Or is it the same illness?

    It is wonderful that so many of us are getting involved for Fibromyalgia Awareness Day and the Grass Roots initiative. We need the government to get behind us on this.

    Thank you. Hugs, E.
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    I'm swamping Congress!

    All my friends both in real life and online, too, have added their voices :)

  13. patches25

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    Thank you for the support. This is such an important issue. Until CDC corrects what this disease really is, we won't get the care we need. Thank you!!! Evelyn
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