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    Thanks for the doc help. I also am a pt at Dr Corders office. I used to see Dr Corder until he was too busy to see me when I needed him, so now I see his nurse practitioner Mary Murphy. She will not listen to me simply because I don't have all 18 tender points and is related to workers comp injury. I have had enough of this misery and am going to make my own suggestions on referral doc's. She has done nothing but send me to neuro doc's and all they see is comp and don't want to deal with it, but I have had enough.

    Will keep you posted with what happens and you keep me updated with whats going on with you.

    Also, I am new and by mistake posted something on your neurontin and backache page, please check the symptoms and problems I listed on there and respond if you are having any of the same. Thanks again.


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    I am glad I was able to help you. I know what you mean about Mary Murphy. I will only go to her when I have a
    sinus infections or something simple. I would make an appointment with Dr.Corder and if they say they don't have any opening just tell them to put you on there list for when somone cancels. Kim will tell you that Mary would be able to see you , just tell her you want to see him.
    You don't have to have all 18 trigger points. I read your message. You seem to have alot of the same symptoms as I have. You need to be seen by a doctor and rule out anything else, but you seem to be on the right track. Doctor Corder will listen. I tell him things I have learned on this site and he is not affended. I told him about a Doctor Roby that had alot of information on this and tests that he run. He said that he would get on his web site and see what test they were that he wanted to learn anything new about Fibro that he could. Good Luck Pat