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    I wanted to say inspite health and emotional baggage that I and many others here drag around daily, this is a long weekend to reflect, however briefly, on those who served at war and on the homefront, because wives/husbands and mothers also 'serve' while soldiers are out there.

    So many soldiers are returning shaken up in ways we haven't seen in previous wars. The kind of healing that needs to happen, may not be possible in their lifetimes. THere's alot of stuff going on but still many things to be grateful for...gratitude doesnt equal how rich you are.

    There's a news picture released today of an African father cradling his newborn daughter in his lap with his head in his hands, his wife had died giving birth to the baby. There was no mention of his work, money. He was mourning the unavoidable loss they will experience ahead of them as family.
    People are committing such off the chart acts these days, mental illness and the services that deal with vets, general public issues, emergency issues are overwhelmed. So if you can be gentle with someone near you, consider being so. We seem to have entered an era where the many need consideration and care from the few who can offer it, and there is always some way to offer compassion and kindness, even if its genuinely loving words...keep platitudes to yourself, they're insulting when people are truly suffering.

    I'm not preaching or feels sometimes we get so caught up in the isolation of our own grief, it can be overwhelming how it sujrrounds us and suck up the oxygen we need...try to look outside yourself and find something to be grateful about, there is always, someone in worse shape...and on this holiday, say Thank you.
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    I enjoyed your post. You are so very right. It is easy to get caught up in ourselves because we feel so badly and have been dragged down at times. It is hard to get up, it is hard to carry on. But we do.

    My father served his country for 37 years. He was so dedicated. I am proud of what he did. He served during WWII, he served in Korea. He received many metals and commendations.

    My heart goes out to the families of these young men coming back from the war with PTSD. It is horrible, and the suicide rate is high. Just recently a young Sgt. killed herself at FT. Sam.

    Right now all my extra energy is going to taking care of my family and doing volunteer work with abused children. I have a one year commitment to do this.

    When I am through I have been thinking that I could use my skills in working with soldiers and their families returning from the war by counseling them and helping them access needed services.

    People like you keep reminding me to get outside of myself. I get love from giving love.


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    Didoe you are so right, many of us forget the many that are/have protected this wonderful nation and those that live in it. All of those men and women that risk their life to protect ours....

    Thank you for reminding me that this weekend isn't all about picnics and hotdogs.

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    Thank you for your thoughtful and very reflective words. Yes, we all need to stop and really remember all the many young men and women who have given, and are giving, so much for us.

    God bless you, all those now serving and those vets who have already served !


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    Didoe,Thank you for this post. I went to Ft. Logan Nat'l Cemetary,here in Denver yesterday to bring flowers to the graves of both my Dad and older Bro who are buried there. The cemetary was very impressive with American flags flanking both sides of the driveways through out the entire cemetary. It was very moving seeing all the people coming to pay their respects to their loved ones. We owe all our servicemen and women, past and present a debt of gratitude for defending our country's honor. Vivian, kudos to you for wanting to serve these men and women when they do come back home. I don't think we can do enough for them. I know I pray for them and their families every day!~~Jeanne~~
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    Beautiful post!

    It's a good reminder, even if someone isn't so nice, or generous in their heart - don't say 'why me', but do something for someone else, be kind and gentle. Pay it forward...that person may not repay you directly, but they'll help someone else....your acts can continue through others.

    Thank you for your post!