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    I've just happened upon this site:


    It's a long read but so interesting!! It's largely aimed towards cancer patients, but is more than relevant to us because it explains why there is such a high incidence of cancer amongst CFS sufferers (see quoted paragraph at end of this post), and what we can do to reduce the risk and also how to detox our systems with coffee enemas. It also goes on to talk about how to improve ATP production and what we can do to improve that also.

    It's an absolute goldmine of information! I urge you all to read it if you're well enough - it does get a bit too sciency in places though!

    The bit I found most interesting was this paragraph:

    "Gerson taught that improved circulation and tissue integrity would prevent spread and, in fact, cause the destruction of malignant tumors. He held as axiomatic the observation that no cancer could exist in normal metabolism. A favorite example of his was the well-known resistance of healthy lab models to tumor transplants. Such transplanted tumors are quickly killed in many cases by inflammation in the healthy host. In order to cause transplanted tumors to “take” easily, it is necessary to impair the metabolism of the host by damaging the thyroid and adrenal glands. Gerson’s efforts were directed toward creating a near normal metabolism in tissues surrounding tumors"

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    Coffee enemas have been implicated in at least three deaths at the William Hitt clinic in Tijuana.

    Dr. Gerstin, a different doctor, in San Diego who sends some of his patients to the William Hitt Center as some of his beliefs such as Ozone therapy are illegal in the United States. He uses the Gerson protocol.

    William Hitt does not even have a medical degree. Please read my reply on the Williwm Hitt Center in Tijuana.

    In fact the American Cancer Society has determined that coffee enemas do not halt cancer. Nor is it recommended for a preventive measure against Cancer.

    There is no scientific evidence that these help anyone and in fact can be dangerous as it upsets the natural bacteria in our colon. It can also cause you to lose normal bowel function.

    Take care.


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    Hey Steph,
    Have been dx for almost 8 years. About 2-3 years into it I reconnected with an orthopaedic surgeon I had befriended when having back surgeries in my 20's. His wife had been affected by this invisible illness for many years, thought to be depression but now is considered MCS and the same exact symptoms we have here. Anyway, with years ahead of me with her symptoms, and the funds available for them to go for tx around the US, this doc and his wife had some very good information they shared with me and continue to do so. One very strange tx he strongly recommended about 5 years ago was the coffee enema...which we just call the CE when we exhange text. I did it for a few years on and off and it did seem to have a clearing effect with "peanut butter brain|" and also with aches and pains, and may have given me a bit of energy. But, I also have a very strong sensitivity to the slightest bit of caffeine, so there were times when i would get severe panic type attacks afterwards. I surmised that sometimes all of the fluid would not release and would retain too much caffeine for my system. I am still not sure if it is the coffee itself and it's constituents, or the caffeine that causes the release of the toxins in the liver, so dont know if you can use a caffeine free version. (if done right, you are supposed to hear an actual gurgling in the bowel as the coffee opens the duct that comes from the liver to the lower duct---sorry am not too medically inclined so I don't know the right names for these body parts).
    I stopped doing the CE's but always wonder if I would still be in such a long flare if I would try it again. (this one has lasted for the most part for over 1 1/2 years).
    I know there is a certain "protocol" you are supposed to follow with certain supplements, etc to take when you do the CE, so as not to mess up your electrolytes and other delicate systems in the body. I would not take this lightly as a quick fix, but in my opinion they did offer some relief if you are one that can handle it.
    Am not sure if i can name a certain author that this MD recommended I research and buy some of her books---she recommended these in her books highly!
    I might add that this MD has since given up on practicing Western medicine when he saw how badly other docs were treating (or lack thereof) his wife. If more docs like him believed in "West meeting East" regarding medical treatments, and maybe considering some of the old "home remedies" instead of always reaching for drugs and procedures, maybe we would be farther ahead with our treatments or even a cure for this. (I do realize we do need some of this, but many docs have a way of looking on the pharmacy shelf for a quick fix and I believe to some extent we have learned to buy into this.)
    Any other remedies we can do at home that others have heard of? Thanks for thread, Steph.

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