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    I was doing research for my website on a rare muscle disease when I came across this article in the Muscular Dystrophy Association's magazine on exercise intolerance and "metabolic myopathies."

    One of them in particular is linked to our inherited disorder, and it made me wonder if many of us are barking up the wrong tree trying to find out why we hurt all the time and can't handle exercise.

    Since this is an educational site I'm going to give the web address of the article - I would paste in the text but it has some excellent diagrams that would be lost.


    PS - I checked some other articles written by Dr. Haller who is mentioned and he has done some interesting studies. He found that with one of the conditions (McArdle's) drinking an oral glucose solution while exercising greatly improves tolerance. Another metabolic condition. myoadenalate deaminase deficiency, is treated by taking the sugar D-Ribose before exercising. I find that drinking a few glasses of skim milk helps me, so it must be the lactose that improves exercise tolerance in my case.[This Message was Edited on 09/09/2005]
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    I bookmarked that site and skimmed over it. I want to read it when I have more time. I have FMS and when I try to exercise it puts me in more pain. I have tried as little as 4 minutes on a treadmill and ended up having to give it up.

    Thanks for putting that URL here. :)

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    I thought the rule was that websites that were not selling anything were OK, and I've seen numerous urls in posts here, but I guess I read the rules incorrectly.

    I'll try searching by using the title.


    I searched by the title and found it. Thanks for posting this.
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    You can do a search using the terms "Running on Empty Quest" and it should come up (it's the first one listed on Google using those terms). It's a little easier to read that way, too.

    There had been some discussion weeks ago about URLs and my understanding was the same...if it's an educational site it's okay, but maybe a moderator felt that the MDA didn't qualify (or someone hit the alert button).

    Vilke, thanks so much for cutting and pasting. I really think it's valuable information.