Great article on low glutathione and CFS......

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    This article is dated April 22, 2014, and is from the "Molecular Neurobiology Journal". The journal is a review journal for neuroscientists. It talks about the profound and far reaching effects low glutathione can have on the body, and suggesting that it has an "integral" role in ME/CFS and depression.

    Here is an actual quote from the article "Glutathione depletion, concomitant increase in oxidative and nitrosative stress, and mitochondrial dysfunctions play a role in the pathophysiology of diverse neuroimmune disorders, including depression, ME/chronic fatigue syndrome and Parkinson's disease, suggesting that depleted glutathione is an integral part of these diseases."

    It also suggests a few supplements at the end of the article.I just recently had a big jump in my energy level by treating methylation. The dose of methylfolate that I needed though was FAR more than is talked about in the glutathione/methylation block protocol. I slowly worked up to 6,400 mcg methylfolate (with other cofactors) and the next day my energy literally tripled at 6,400 mcg.

    I believe that was my methylation block lifting and my methylation cycle coming back online. I feel a lot better, but I still have years of damage to undo from a poor functioning methylation cycle. I feel very secure in saying I am on the right track though. Here is the link to the article....Good luck to all!!
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