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    I read the prayer request for your husband Alan & I just wanted to let you know you are both in my thoughts & prayers. I suffered with mild depression for years with the fibro, but have been a lot better of late.
    For many years I longed to be able to end my life & if I hadn't had family responsibilities I may have actually attempted it, then 18 months ago my brother was 'sucessful' in ending his life, talk about a reality check, the fall out from that tragedy on all our family was amazing & it totally made me repent of ever thinking I could do that to my family.
    That was the worst experience I have had, the pain & fatique which are a daily grind is nothing compared to the grief of a family member taking their own life, knowing all he is missing out on, like his first grandchild due this year etc, among many other things.
    I hope Alan does get some reprieve from his depression, it is not easy to live with, & until he realises the grip it has on his life & the effect on his family & what affect his death would have, only then will he be able to see beyond the despair he feels, depression is a isolating condition, you often can't see beyond yourself. And God is the one who can relieve that totally, sometimes through meds etc & sometimes through His divine intervention.
    I hope & pray you both get some relief soon
    Best wishes,

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    hi fromnz,
    how are you?
    we are doing ok, Alan has had prayer and seen the doc and will go to a good counceler on Tuesday to help him work throught things.
    I know what taking ones life is all about in 2005 Alan did try and we nearly lost him. both of our younger daughters have tried and I have lost 3 girlfriends to it. very sad and awaste also the emoitional strain on those in the wings...
    We are doin good talking hugs and just taking it easy, He finds it hard facing others and mostly noisey people.
    hay! i tried the white pages and can't get it says your not there??????
    I am sure the Lord will bring him through and then he will be able to help others.
    If you don't hear from me for a while it will be because our lovely machine here is going to get a lookie at !! lol will keep working on that white pages and see if I can't get through love and blessings coming your way have a great week or be a great week .... blessings Lynne
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    I don't know why you haven't been able to find us in the white pages, read my earlier post & see if that makes more sense!

    I hope the appointment for your husband goes well, I am sorry to hear you have had so many problems in the family with depression etc, plus friends taking their lives, that's hard.

    You certainly have been through a lot, it is time you had some good times!

    Best wishes & God Bless.