Great Beauty tips (money saving)

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    I found these on the TLC website. Just thought I would share.

    1. If you have a drawer full of old, and half used lipsticks don't throw them away and buy more. Take a pill box and dig out the lipstick colors and put them in each square. This way you have a great carrying case for all your colors and you can blend to create new colors like the pros do.

    2. You can use a great lipstick shade as a cream blush. Just choose lighter colors and blend on after foundation but before powder.

    3. No need to buy a shimmery highlighter shadow for the eyes and another kind for the face. You can use one for both purposes.

    4. When your mascara is dry and not applying well, run it under hot water for about 5 minutes and it will be just like new.

    5. Brow gel is a waste of money. Use regular hair gel on a brow brush or old toothbrush for the exact same effect.

    6. For a quick whiter smile brush teeth with a bit of baking soda sprinkled on your toothbrush.

    7. Instead of purchasing expensive facial scrubs, use a small handful of regular white sugar. Just lather up your face with a cleanser, then scrub in the sugar using your finger tips in small circular motions.

    8. Q-tips work just as well as brushes do. If you want to use brushes then go the art supply store for really good and inexpensive ones.

    9. Vaseline is one of the best eye makeup removers ever.

    10. When your favorite shadows or blushes break, don't throw them away put the remains in empty film canisters and use them like loose powders.
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    HIT THOSE 50 gal. barrels at the major American Airports

    and get all the free beauty aids you can cart away!!
    MRDAD "We're all gonna look so pretty"