Great book on CFS by sarah myhill - A MUST READ

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by quamijay, Feb 3, 2009.

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    is a very respected, well informed advocate for M.E./CFS.

    Her site has loads of info and is definitely worth a look.

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    I may be totally off base, and I don't mean to insult you in any way, but it seems like all you do is go around the boards and bash this treatment or that protocol. ???

    We're all different. Our illnesses probably all have different causes or triggers. But with all due respect, it seems like you enjoy shooting down anything that isn't a drug, or a one-size-fit's-all approach.

    It's a fact that Dr. Myhill has helped many patients recover from ME/CFS. She's not a psychiatrist, she's an M.D. And CBT or GET is only a tiny part of her protocol. Plus, there have been many studies that show a mind-body connection between even cancer and immune function.

    I'll agree that the name of her mineral product is silly, but she's done more to help people w/CFS/ME/Fibro than other more famous doctors here in the USA, and she deserves some respect for her long, hard work and research. Rich VanK, who has also worked for 13 years trying to unravel the complex pieces of the puzzle of our illnesses, has nothing but great things to say about Dr. Myhill.

    I just don't understand why you're so quick to dismiss everything.



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    Hi Quamijay,

    I just took a few minutes to read some of the book and I really like it!!! Thank you for posting the website. It gives all the information online. I think it's crazy when these doctors, advocates, etc. only want to sell their information. Plus, this Doc seems to have a sense of humor... Sometimes it's either laugh or cry with this dd. I absolutely recommend laughing over crying! :)

    I will definitely be studying up on the minerals... I have been looking for a good place to find some intelligent information on what to take, how much and so on.

    Thanks again!
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    Hi NoFool,

    You make some good points. I would just add that no matter who the doctor is, no single treatment or combination of therapies is going to work for everyone. We're all different -- that's just common sense.

    I do agree that treating patients online (especially w/out in-depth test results) is not the greatest idea.

    I'd be interested in hearing the exact quote from page 102. And I'm sure there are a lot of patients, no matter the illness, that have learned to 'hate themselves' because they connect their self worth to their illness.

    I however must point out that not ALL of Myhill's "treatment ideas" are based on "alt med therapies". Her mitochondrial work is based on studies, both hers and Dr. Peckerman's.

    And finally, of the 7-8 people I know who have recovered (4 of them 100% recovered, one of whom was sick for 17 years) -- while, 3 of them used some antibiotics as well, ALL of them incorporated at least some form or forms of what you call 'alternative' medicine in their protocols, and all of them made major lifestyle changes until they were certain they were better.

    For the most part, naturopathic or 'alternative' medicine looks to strengthen or balance the immune system and the body and also gets to the cause or causes of symptoms, while allopathic medicine passes out drugs which 90% of the time just temporarily removes SYMPTOMS, while damaging the liver.

    We'll probably have to agree to disagree! :)

    thanks for your reply!


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    Hi Nofool,

    I had a chance to read bits and parts of her downloadable book, and I certainly don't agree with everything she says at all. Some of her ideas almost contradict one another...high vitamin C on one page, then take copper on another page. Well, HIGH vitamin C lowers she's not to careful as to how she words things.

    However, you misquoted her in your earlier post where you said:

    "See p. 102 We hate ourselves!!!"

    That's not precisely what she said.

    Here's the quote:

    "Most CFS sufferers come to me hating themselves. They hate themselves because they can't
    function as they used to."

    She didn't say ALL, she said MOST, and the explanation makes some sense. Sometimes people can be consumed by their illness, and start to identify themselves by their illness, they hate it, so perhaps some or even most of her patients do come across as 'hating themselves'.

    She certainly didn't say "We hate ourselves".


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