Great book: "The Anatomy of Hope"

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    Hi, everyone, I just finished reading a great book by Dr. Jerome Groopman called 'The Anatomy of Hope: How People Prevail in the Face of Illness.'

    This isn't a how-to book but rather talks about one oncologist's experiences with his patients, his own illness, and the biological basis of hope. This isn't a sentimental book, very straightforward, and provides another perspective on the discussions about "The Secret" that we've had on the board recently.

    I particularly enjoyed the chapter about his own illness. He had severe back pain for 19 years and the way he describes the functional limitations he had - laying in a stretcher in his lab for 2 years designing studies, not being able to walk more than 4-5 blocks at a time - reminds me of my own disease.

    It's good to read when you're feeling down.
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    Sounds like a very interesting book but, no I have not read it as yet. Will try to get it this week

    The book I would urge you to read is "SlLENT SPRING" by RACHEL CARTER
    This writer/ marine biologist really sells the story of volatile organic chemicals and the environment/s and she was so knowledgeable, even though she died from cancer in the sixties at aged fiftyfour ,
    best wishes
    Brenda uk

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