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    I just read a really helpful book entitled: Be Sick Well: A Healthy Approach to Chronic Illness, by Dr. Jeff Kane. I'd recomend to anyone struggling with CFIDS/ME.

    Dr. Kane divides sickness (the total ailment) into TWO PARTS.

    Part One: The Disease. This is the medical, objective, measurable part of the ailment that doctors, medication and tests deal with.
    Part Two: The Illness. This is the personal, subjective, unmeasurable part of the ailment that we, the patient, deal with day in and day out.

    This book is NOT a "its all in your head approach" book.

    Rather, Dr. Kane gives, I think, some real and practice tools have helped his patients focus their feelings and reactions to ailments that do not get better and don't go away. Dr. Kane, by the way, treats only chronically and terminally ill patients.

    I really liked this book. I'd love to know if anyone else has found it at the library or book store and what you thought of it.

    Best Wishes - Ana
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    I have never heard of the book, but will look for it.
    Thanks for the tip.
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