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    Hi friends,

    I wanted to share some of the links that I find most helpful in my walk with the Lord.

    The following link contains Joyce Meyer's broadcasts. Click on the link, and scroll down a little until you see the list. Then scroll through the list to see the many shows/topics that are very helpful in everyday life. Click on a show to watch it. They last about 26 minutes. Joyce is a very no-nonsense, down-to-earth teacher with a good sense of humor:

    The following is the link to Joyce Meyer's articles on just about any topic. You will see the categories on the right. She gives very helpful advice:

    The following link is for GodVine, which contains Christian videos:

    Another link to Christian videos:

    The following link allows us to search for Bible verses using keywords, or look up Passages:

    The following link is for KLove radio. Click on the link, scroll over the heading "Music Room" and click on "Listen Online". KLove is positive and encouraging ALL the time!

    The following is a link for the 700 Club. I especially enjoy the Guest Interviews and Amazing Stories links:

    The following contains great Catholic information, daily Mass readings, Q&A and much more:

    Stories of hope, inspiration and faith:

    Inspirational Favorite Bible Verses in Pictures:
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    Hi Nanie - thanks for all the links. I do use Bible Gateway to look at different translations for a richer experience.

    And EWTN has many shows and prayers and meditations that I like.

    Recently I've been very 'wowed' by Jean Vanier. He did an interview on Krista Tippett's, On Being' show, that can be found online. The name is 'The Wisdom of Tenderness'. He turns values and ways of thinking upside down, as Jesus did.

    He cares for people with developmental disabilities in homes filled with love and tender care and laughter. I would love to be on the receiving end of such care! Many have called him a living saint. My husband who is usually not too interested in listening to Christians was so deeply touched and moved by Jean Vanier.

    Hugs and Blessings to you - I appreciate all the Lyme info. and links that you post.

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    thanks for all those links including about Jean Vanier. I'm unfamiliar with some of them so will do a search. I also have listened to Joyce Meyers and have found her teaching to open my eyes to difficulties I may be having. I'm always open to learning. And I want to add KWVE. It's a Christian station here in so. calif. but you can listen online. I've learned sooooo much from all the pastors on this station. I have my favorites so from KWVE I can find their own link and listen and learn. I'm just unable to attend church because of health reason, don't we all know about that!
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    Thanks for the heads up about Jean Vanier, Judy!

    He sounds like a very compassionate person. I will have to check him out.

    My cousin told me about a pastor on tv that she likes. His name is James Merritt. I watched one of his sermons online and it was really good.

    His latest broadcast can be found here:
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    Hi sunflowergirl!

    Thanks for the info and link about KWVE! I will have to check out that one too!
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    You're welcome, Julie!