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    GEICO has a commerical that says "do dogs chase cats?" and then you see an older model Mustang car with an ginger colored cat driving it being chased by a dog driving what looks to be an older Challenger car. It's innovative and I get a kick out of it and it's clever.

    I also like the GEICO commerical where the woodchucks are "chucking the wood" into the water. The Farmer drives onto the bridge and yells "you woodchucks, stop chucking my wood." And the woodchucks laugh and still chuck the wood into the water. It's a clever and cute commerical.

    I dislike the commercial for some cellphone where the people are at dinner and the cellphone displays a tarantula spider and the woman screams at the top of her lungs. I had fallen asleep watching TV when they came on, and it comes on very loud and it woke me up to the screaming.

    I find it interesting that I remember that it is GEICO on the commercials that I like, but I don't remember the advertiser on the spider commercial that I don't like. Advertisers might want to pay attention to that.
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    Every time I see the couple in the adjoining bathtubs, I imagine some maid walking in and telling them "hey, cut that out--I have to scrub down and disinfect those tubs after you two"
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    for the Basketball Wives and the Mob Wives when they are throwing punches and brawling. It seems like commercials with that violence is just advertising a full-on fighting cage match for women where men in restaurants have to pull them off each other. It doesn't show that these women have intelligence, wit, charm, and instead shows them fighting like animals. I don't watch either of the shows.
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    about the woodchuck ad. That is soo cute and funny and I also like alot of the Geico ads too.

    I also agree with Jam and whoever else HATES all the ads for Viagra - on the radio and TV. It seems like everything or so much is about SEX these days and that gets me SICK !! Sorry but I will get off my soapbox now. I am soo tired of it !

    Thank God at least for the few cute and funny ones.

    Don't think I have seen the Basketball Wives and Mob Wives - thank goodness. I have gotten to the point where I hardly watch TV anymore and that is partially due to the awful ads and there are SOOO many of them now in between segments. Do any of you remember when there was only one or two ads in between segments of a program ?? Gee, that was years ago !!

    Hugz to awl,
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    As a kid I remember Dinah Shore in some beautiful dress or gown singing "See the USA in your Chevrolet" and that it was a classy commercial and in my adult years I found out that commercial really sold Chevys. It didn't need fighting, or two adults in a tub about to have sex--instead it was a jingle by a woman who could sing and looked fabulous in her dresses and gowns.

    I also remember as a kid a TV commercial that had a jingle that went "Bucky Bucky Beaver" and it would have the puppet animal teaching kids to brush their teeth. It was selling toothpaste, but it was a positive ad aimed towards kids to brush their teeth. It wasn't brush and whiten your teeth because your date is in the next room and the scene goes to an automatic make-out session.

    Next thing they'll have commercials telling cats to have their humans use a certain kitty litter so that litter box odor doesn't "ruin that midnight rendezvous" when the cat's girlfriend arrives.

    I think that's why I like the GEICO ads, because they are short, funny, and clever without needing all the other stuff.

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