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    UP! UP! The sun is getting up.
    The sun gets up. So UP with you!

    UP! Ear number one...Ear number two.
    Up, heads! Up, whiskers! Tails!

    UP! UP! Great day, today! Great day for up!
    UP! UP! YOU! Open up your eyes! You worms!

    You frogs!
    You butterflies!

    Up, whales! Up, snails! Up, rooster! Hen!
    UP! Girls and women! Boys and men!

    Great day for UP FEET! Lefts and rights.
    And UP! UP! Baseballs! Footballs! Kites!

    Great day to sing up on a wire!
    UP! Up, voices! Louder! Higher!

    Up stairs! Up ladders! Up on stilts!
    Great day for up Mt. Dill-ma-dilts.

    On bikes...and trees...and buttercups.
    UP! UP! Waiters! Alligators!

    Up, folks!
    Up in elevators!

    UP! Up giraffes! Great day for seals!
    Great day for UP on ferris wheels!

    UP! UP! UP! Fill up the air.
    Up, flage! Balloons! UP! Everywhere!

    UP! UP! UP! Great day for UP!
    Wake every person, pig and pup,
    till EVERYONE on Earth is up!

    Except for me.
    Please go away.
    No up.
    I'm sleeping in today.

    - Dr. Suess

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