Great day yesterday. Knew it couldn't last

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kar1953, Aug 16, 2003.

  1. kar1953

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    Yesterday I felt really great. No pain to speak of. Had a doc. apt. in morning, lunch with a friend. Came home, was tired so layed down for a "nap" at 3pm. Hubby came home at 5:30 & I woke up. Long nap, he? He laid down & I went right back to sleep till he woke up at 6. We went out to eat since we both were tired & it was sooooooo muggy & hot here.

    Now this morning I woke up feeling like that dag gone mack truck ran me down during the night. Back & chest hurt sooooo bad. Geeeez! What gives? I took it easy all day yesterday & still feel like s**t today. This DD sucks so bad.

    Well, done venting now. Thanks for listening. On a brighter note I'm still breathing & the sun's still shining!! lol

    Hope all of you are feeling better than I am this morning.

    Take care......Kathi
  2. Julygal

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    That is only one of the frustrating things about this awful disease. Sometimes I don't have to do a thing that would seemingly aggravate the FMS/CFS/MPS, but will end up with that "Mack truck" feeling myself. I have started out having a great, half-way energetic day, & then suddenly have "bottomed out". That one REALLY gets to me.
    I was diagnosed in '99 & I still hate having to "pace" myself, & it's still difficult to adjust to not being able to really plan things. When I'm asked to attend something, for instance, I always say that I will do my best but have no idea how I will be feeling. What a bummer!
    All we can do, really, is take each day as it comes, pray a lot, & accept, as best we can, what we can & cannot do. Sounds so simple, huh?!
    I agree that is very rough!
    God bless,
  3. Felce

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    Is anyone guilty of this? You wake up and think wow nothing hurts today, today is going to be a great day. So you try to make up for all the days you felt so crappy. You try to cram weeks worth of stuff into one day. The next morning you wake up and from over doing it you feel like you`ve been run over and it takes days to recover from it. I get so mad at myself for not pacing my day.I`ve ask God to teach me to pace myself since I don`t know how. Felce
  4. kar1953

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    Carolyn, you're right. We just never know what to expect on any given day. We have a wedding to attend next Sat. & this morn. my hubby says "Are you going to be able to go?" I said "Won't know till Sat right before it's time to go".

    Felce, I am guilty of overdoing when I feel good. But yesterday wasn't one of those times. That's what I find the most frustrating - you don't necessarily have to overdo for something to flare up.

    Oh well, like Scarlett says in Gone with the wind: I'll worry about that tomorrow. lol

    Take care....Kathi
  5. Sherry

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    Some days I feel so happy that my symptoms are light that I think that it's finally going away. Then it comes back real bad and the pain and other symptoms are unbearable. I wish someone would find a cure. Its so hard dealing with this all the time.
  6. kar1953

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    Thanks for your responses. It is difficult to keep going, but I try to think positive when possible. Yesterday morning, however, wasn't one of those times!

    Shirley6, no I did not have an exam while at the docs. It wasn't my fibro doc, but the surgeon who did my elbow surgery in June. So no poking & proding. No clue what brought it on.

    Today was a good day AFTER I took my pain med which helped immensely & took it easy most of the day.

    Here's hoping for a better tomorrow.

    Take care....Kathi