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    So, I saw my PCP today about what's been going on lately. He agreed with me that I should follow up with my rheumatologist. So I made an appt for that. The soonest I could get is February 23rd, but that's not too bad. He also gave me a prescription for Lyrica. He said to start out taking 50mg three times per week. Then we'll gradually increase it depending on how I do with it. I'm very sensitive to medications so I'm nervous about the side effects. As far as my stomach problems are concerned, he wasn't too concerned about the bleeding I had the other day since it has gone away. I think it may have been a hemmorhoid or something. I mean, I did just give birth to my daughter 4 1/2 months ago. However, he was concerned about this stomach pain I'm having and the fact that I've lost quite a bit of weight without trying. I have to go on tuesday for an ultrasound of my gallbladder to rule that out. He said it could be gastritis, and he started me on Aciphex. He said if it's gastritis, the Aciphex should help with that. So all of a sudden I went from taking no medication to taking 2. Grrr, I hate taking pills. Even when I was in excrutiating pain last night, I didn't take anything for it because I hate taking medication. My stomach hurts sooo badly today and I'm very nauseated. I really hope this medication works.

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