Great Doctors on the Eastside of King County (Bothell to Renton, WA)

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    The following doctors are provided with FULL RECOMMENDATIONS. My wife has been disabled for many years now and has seen each and every one of these doctors and we cannot say enough great things about them. She has also seen her share of 'less-than-satisfactory' doctors and those are NOT posted! If you live in the Seattle area and need doctors in their respective fields - you should try them out (for those taking on new patients)!

    Dr. Thomas Greene, M.D. - Totem Lake Family Medicine - Kirkland, WA
    - Family Practice / Primary Care Physician
    - He cares about his patients and has actually called and spoke directly to my wife on the phone (sometimes for up to an hour) in the evening hours after his office has already closed for the day. When she was admitted into a hospital over 2000 miles away after an ER visit and I notified his office of her being admitted, he took his personal time when he could be spending it at home with his own wife and called my wife and spoke to her for almost a half hour in her hospital room so far away. YOU SIMPLY CAN'T FIND DOCTORS THAT GIVE THIS KIND OF DEVOTION TO THEIR PATIENTS ANYMORE!!!!

    Dr. Varun Laohaprasit, M.D. -Neurological Associates of Washington
    - NeuroSurgeon (One of the Best in the Country!)
    - Offices in Kirkland, WA and Bellevue, WA
    - Was listed as one of the top 5 Neurosurgeons in the country!
    - Is a devout Christian (and if requested, is happy to pray with you prior to your surgery!)
    - Donates a good deal of his time and talent to those in need around the world!

    Dr. Rodney Johnson, M.D. - Neurological Associates of Washington
    - Neurologist (with experience in Sleep Apnea and other fields)
    - Offices in Bellevue, WA and Issaquah, WA
    - You will notice that he is with the same office as Dr. Lao (he is normally referred to by this name since most people cannot say his actual name properly as you may take note of above). However, most will understand that you will only see a NeuroSurgeon ONLY if you are needing to undergo surgery and will otherwise see a Neurologist for all other issues in the field. For this reason they separate the differences specifically at their office and on their website.

    Dr. Lallas, M.D. - Kirkland, WA (Totem Lake)
    - Podiatrist / Surgeon
    - Listed Seattle Top Doctor for 2011

    Dr. Andrew J. Holman - No Longer Taking Patients - Renton, WA
    - Rheumatologist / Researcher
    - Although he is no longer taking patients we cannot say enough about him. He was either THE doctor or ONE OF the doctors that developed the use of the Flex MRI which is now regularly provided at the hospital across the street from his office in Renton, WA. It was the use of the Flex MRI that was able to provide my wife with a proper diagnosis of Cervical Stenosis with Myopathy after years of bouncing between wrong diagnoses since a regular MRI is not capable of seeing what was needed to see.
    - Because of Dr. Holman's hard dedicated work and research the Flex MRI is becoming more popular and with his advocating for it the Flex MRI is being offered at more and more places throughout the country now.
    - Because of Dr. Holman's very detailed and extensive (many many pages) medical report accompanied by medical reports from additional doctors (each top doctors in their fields), my attorney was actually able to WIN my case WITHOUT the need to go to court!! (After receiving very detailed and extensive medical reports from several America's Top Doctors in their respective fields the other side realized they would surely lose and gave up prior to the scheduled court date) This has also allowed my wife to receive medication (over $1000/month) and treatment (all doctors and treatment appointments) FULLY PAID for for the rest of her life!
    - He has worked extensively with Fibromyalgia and is one of the top Fibromyalgia researchers in the country; worked extensively with Cervical Stenosis and many other conditions and has been a super awesome addition to the field of Rheumatology Medicine!!!

    Dr. Bonvallet, M.D. - Eastside Internal Medicine Associates - Bellevue, WA
    - Pulmonologist / Sleep Disorder Specialist
    - Listed as Top Doctor
    - Head of Sleep Disorder program at Overlake Hospital in Bellevue, WA
    - If you have any of the Sleep Apneas, Narcolepsy and/or Cataplexy, he is the doctor to go to!

    There are so many more that I simply don't have time to post at this time. If anyone should need a doctor in the King County / Seattle (Eastside) area in a specific field, you can feel free to contact me and ask for recommendations. My wife has seen so many doctors in so many fields throughout the area over the past 12 years and chances are that we probably have a recommendation for you (as well as some that maybe aren't quite as good). Thanks!

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    How kind of you to post this for other patients. I am copying and pasting it to my files. I am a patient advocate and get asked often for good doctors names. Thank you very much. Hugs, MicheleK

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