Great first visit with the rheumy yesterday

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by karen55, Dec 31, 2002.

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    And at this point, I can say I liked her very much. She was very thorough, I've never had a doc take such a detailed history before with pages of questions. Then she examined me, and after that, spent more time talking with me. She went over all the lab reports I brought with me and went over the meds I was on. She's not changing any of my meds, thank God. I was so afraid she was going to be one of those docs who immediately want to undo the good that another doc has done. Her only comment about my meds was that she could not think of anything different that would help me any more at this point and didn't want to add any if possible. She did say though, that the anti-inflams would probably have no effect since I really don't have inflammation, just a lot of pain. She wants to get the results from the bone scans I've had done, and has referred me to an endocrinologist for some specific testing related to thyroid and hormones, etc. She said she agrees with the FMS diagnosis, but wants to see if the endocrinologist has anything to offer also. Another thing she wants to test for is some specific food/inhaled allergies, since there's a history of that in my family, but she did tell me that many insurance companies will not pay for it and it's expensive, so I've got to see if my insurance will cover it.

    This lady spent well over 2 hours with me, asked a lot of questions and really listened to all I had to say. The entire time she had a laptop in front of her and was documenting everything. At one point she spoke of the connection between the emotional health and the physical health, and all I could think of at that point was Madwolf's post on embracing the illness. I told her everything I was doing for ME, including the acceptance that I canNOT do everything I want/need to do right now, that I do what I can and when my body tells me it's had enough, I stop and take care of it, that I've taken control of how I let others affect me and my life and set limits, and that "I" am now my priority, and I don't feel guilty for not being well anymore, and at this point I don't feel like I have to justify it to anyone. She seemed satisfied that I was doing what I need to do for me.

    I have a follow-up appointment in a month. It seems like all I'm going to be doing in the next month or so is going to Dr.'s and having tests. After having some bad experiences with Drs. and reading about some of the others that some of you have had, I just wanted to share my good one with you!
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    Wow! You have yourself a winner! Where is this doctor? She sounds very similar to my rheumy. After reading so many disaster stories some people here have written, it's wonderful that you have found someone who is caring and respectful of you! I hope this brings you good health and happiness in the New Year!!!!

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    is in New Orleans. She came highly recommended by my osteo, and his nurse, who is a patient of hers also. I was told to expect this first visit to take a long time and when I arrived at her office, I was actually a little bit early because I knew I'd have paperwork to deal with. She actually came into the waiting room to get me, told me she was running a few minutes behind, but that I was the last patient she had scheduled for the day and that she would be spending a long time with me. Impressive? I think so, as I'm accustomed to waiting in Drs. offices practically every time I go to one, and never has one apologized beforehand!

    Madwolf, she told me near the end of the visit that she can only schedule one new patient a week (although she may have said one per day, but as you said, how can she make a living that way?) because of the time she spends with them. In the course of our Q & A period, she made me "back up" a few times for more details on certain things; she told me that it was important for her to know everything that had happened to me regarding health/injuries because "it was all part of the puzzle that would tell her what was going on with my body".

    I'm sort of sitting here waiting for the other shoe to drop, so to speak, because I'm wondering how I ended up with 2 great docs after so many years of docs who wouldn't listen/rushed me out/refused to help/told "me" now "I" was feeling. Anyone know what I mean?
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    What a nice way to start the new year out..a great doc! I was so hoping you were going to say that that doc was living closer to me!!

    Take good care of yourself..sounds like you are in great hands..and Happy New Year..hoping your health will steadily improve...Sherry
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    I'm happy to hear about anybody's positive visit with a new doctor! Gives the rest of us hope that they ARE out there. Two things----great idea about the endocrinologist, since so many with FM seem to have thyroid problems that go undiagnosed, falling through the cracks, since blood tests seem to come out OK; I'm still working on this with my doctor.....and don't assume that your insurance won't cover allergy testing; I just went through complete food/inhaled testing covered in full by my insurance (Blue Cross), found out that I still have inhaled allergies (no surprise, a lifelong problem) and some pretty severe food allergies (HUGE surprise, NEVER suspected this at all!!) so it was well-worth doing.

    Good luck, Karen, I'm glad things went so well & just continue investigating with the other things; I think we have to always be detectives & try to find the underlying problems.

    Happy New Year!