great have my kids tummy virus

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    Kids have been sick pass week, mostly the youngest one. And today I didnt have to work, and wanted so much to out and do something, but was so tired....

    Didnt feel good either. Couldnt eat much.

    And finally ate something that I thought would not upset me.

    BOY WAS I WRONG!!!!!

    Where my back was feeling pretty good today, now it hurts!!!

    Since we are so cruely blessed with this FM, we should not be given anything else...

    Wishful thinking.

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    Hey Becky, I'll drink to that! No more of the flu's and stomach viruses....Enough already, right?

    I need some advice...My wife is having a time with her nerves. She teaches 3rd grade and has had a really tough class this year. She is going to see our family doc and ask for a tranquilizer. I take Xanex to sleep and have let her try one of those, but it puts her to sleep.

    Would something like Valium let her stay awake but calm her nerves? I don't know why I expect you to have any answers on this subject, lol. As a matter of a fact I don't, but what medicine do you think would be the best to calm, but not cause drowsiness?

    Hope you didn't play "hurl baby" today :), and I hope you get over it soon so you can get back to concentrating on your real dd...

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    Well Andy, the vote not to have nothing like a virus, didnt go threw for me.. lol I made it threw cleaning, thank goodness!!! hated to get sick where I was trying to clean..
    But I stoped and tried to eat something that I thought would not upset it, but wrong again...

    should have just went on a head and enjoyed a taco.. lol

    Sorry I dont know much about valium, wish I had some right now to knock my teen age daughter out!!!! My Lord I am not going to make it threw her!

    My hats is off to your wife, for teaching, specially 3rd graders!! my youngest is in 3rd. I work for alot of teachers and admire them all.

    As for the stress, I have been on Prozac years ago when I was preg. with the youngest, I had a neverous break down, and it helped me threw it.

    I was on some others but had reactions, but just came off of Effexor RX 200mg. I was on it for a long time, it worked great, for stress. But I had to change because I guess my body got use to it. Also my Drs thought the cymbalta would help for the stress and FM.

    Some think these are just for depression, but I was put on it, for STRESS... EX STRESS .. is what i call it.. lol

    To help her sleep better but not knock her out she might want to try something like ambien, I know it has helped me to just relax and forget the mess during the day.

    Dr. did just put me on Provigil 200mg. was unsure of it at first but I can tell on one day I didnt take it, I saw a big take it in the morning but works all threw the nite, as well. no caffine in it. odd how it works, keep you awake during the day, but relax at nite. It helps you not feel so tired, and I sleep better at nite. I was put on it, because I would stop breathing at nite. so nowwww i have a sleep disorder..
    soon I will catch up with my 69 yr old mother lol

    Anyway that is just a few things I am taking, that might help her stress, and to get a better nite sleep.

    And sid, wow, you have alot on your hands with you son, I am so sorry, I know its hard. I had a good friend in HS that had a sister that had Schizophrtnia. never easy to deal with a child with illness.
    God, only give very special parents the kids that have special needs.
    Hope things get better for you, your in my prayers.

    well... Gone to eat some crackers i guess :/

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    I am so sorry to hear about your son. I have always heard what Becky said, in that G-D only gives very special parents the kids that have special needs.

    I can relate somewhat with you. My youngest daughter, now 29, was a very, very problem child starting at age 13 or so. We found out when she was 19 that she had a terrible case of hypothyroidism. Our family doctor said it was the worst case he had ever seen.

    This explained her very bad, almost psychotic behavior for all those years. Of course we felt very guilty for not having her checked, but she always was very healthy. She is doing absolutely wonderfully nowadays. Just married a fine soldier and is living in Ft. Polk, La.

    I also had an uncle that was schizophrenic and was either institutionalized or living in a home for the mentally ill for all of his life after age 17. When the state psychiatric hospitals closed, he moved into the home that cared for the mentally ill. He was dangerous when he was young. That is why he was institutionalized.

    I know exactly how you feel about catching your son's virus. My grandkids are kept from myself and Nana, my wife, when they are sick, lol. I really appreciate it too. It is bad enough fighting whatever this crap is that haunts us :(

    I am glad that you have a medicine that you can treat your son with. I know that many schizophrenic patients despise the anti psychotic medication they are given, sometimes.

    My uncle was also a deaf mute and my Mother could "sign" very well and communicate with him. He always complained about taking medicine, which he was forced to take. He got into trouble many times for refusing his meds.

    Thank you for the information on valium. Do you remember the song by the Rolling Stones called "Mother's Little Helper"? I don't know if it was the title of the song, or just part of the song but mother's little helper was valium, lol.

    I have never tried this medicine. I have tried ativan and in fact became addicted to it. It, I think is "super valium" and I had to drink lots of coffee to say alert while taking it...

    I hope that you don't catch the bug, and hope that your son fights it off soon. He is probably over it by now :)

    I send special warm wishes for blessings and healing for your dear, special son. May you be made strong and be rewarded for your extra burdens in life :)


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    we should have a special place in heaven....Ha I'll bet you agree Becky Lou :)

    Ok, so you hurled on us.....Yes, you should have had a tacho, ha ha ha. That cracked me totally up!

    DON'T WORK when you are sick! That is an order. You make me feel guilty because sometimes I don't work when I am feeling fairly well, or as well as I fairly get...

    I do the inside and outside work though. The wife did cook a great supper last night. Meat and potatoes.. I mowed the yard with the tractor head lights on while she cooked.....Fair deal...

    I raised 2 daughters and boy was that fun...You really have to keep a close eye on who they hang around with. You hang around with poo, you start to smell like poo, right Mom?

    My wife has 7 special ed children in her class this year. One boy crapped in his pants almost every day for the first 3 months of school. My wife slid on a pooball he lay on the floor.....and almost fell in it. Other parents were mad because of this boy.

    Who can blame them? A room that smells of crap. Crap smeared on the classroom walls, on the bathroom walls...This has really taken it's toll on my wife. It has made her want to retire.

    Psychologist have come to the school along with this child's grandparents, who are raising him, and my wife for conferences many times this year. The boy was molested by his real father and his mother is a drug addict and has lost custody of him.

    So, the child really has special needs. He is doing better because of my wife's patience. That is why he was put in her class, because of her reputation for having patience.

    Enough of that, but people would not believe how abused children are. I have heard the horror stories over and over each year.

    Thanks for all the information on medicines. My wife does have Ambien or something like that, but it stopped working.

    You take ever so good care of yourself and all of those blessed children :)


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    When my oldest was 4 he started out in a class called, early childhood, they didnt have head start then. Most of the class was kids with disabilitys, and the others feel where they needed speciall attention do to learning.
    They had to be rated below..... a very low level.
    and since Brandon was 4 and spoke like a 1 year old he was for sure placed in there.

    He was not mental, and he could hear, just could not form words that anyone besides me understand.
    To sum it up, he was broke out of his shell, just speak problems later.

    But my point is that I can relate to being around speical need children, its hard, and takes a special person to care for them. We have them in a class with a teacher here, till they are in 2nd grade. Then... they have an aid that cares for them, and move from grade to grade till they grad.

    then are in most classes as others. (main stream) but goes to a resorce class on certain things.

    Its hard on her, i know, I have helped out with children with needs, and i dont think i could do it on a day to day thing.
    I dont have to work tomr. buttttt i am going on a field trip with my 5th grader, the 5/6 who have not be into trouble all year long. Is going to 6 flags. So i am going to just take it easy and try to enjoy the moment.
    been alseep already and heading back soon again. lol
    So tomr i might be OUT.. might not be back on till life start creaping back into me.. lol lol
    have a good nite.
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    Enjoy the trip!