Great hydrangeas.

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by sixtyslady, Jul 12, 2008.

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    well we "ve had more rain again good for the garden,but so many weeds.
    had to put a hot wire around our corn to keep the coons out.
    it,s starting to get ears.Hubby picked a 5 gallon bucket of beans yeaterday,there so good.
    hope I get some nice pumpkins,for fall thats my favorite time of the year.
    our melons and squarsh seem to be doing great.but my beets didn"t do as well as I would have liked.
    we have buckets of green tomato,s think I may make some fried green tomato,s for supper.and leave the rest to ripe.
    My hens are growing ,and I think the next time we get feed it will be for laying hens,we have to get their nest built next week. their so funny they roam the pasture in the daytime but when they see us comming they come right back and go into their lot,because we feed them.
    I'm still looking for some home grown beef.
    well have to go hope everyone is having a great growing season.sixtyslady
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    how did you get to live my dream life...the life i've dreamed of and never quite got to:)???

    do you keep laying hens to sell eggs?
    I stumbled onto sites about hens a few years ago when looking up how to care for the birds we had (forgot the breed, they were small song birds)our birds had begun 'nesting' and were plucking out feathers of one bird to create a nest--never having birds, I thought they were trying to kill that one. Anyway that's a whole other was fascinating to read the different personalities hens have and some are so pretty!!

    What is 'home grown beef'?
    Will you have real cattle? How many can you start with..Dont they need alot of pasture space? Would you slaughter at home (that must be an all day job)or bring it to some place and then have it packaged?

    Do you have milk cows? My children's father had a job on a dairy farm when we first married; there is nothing like fresh milk, it was pastuerized but even so, it tasted clean and sweet. And they made their own chocolate milk which was like drinking silk, soooo good.

    you can't pop this stuff up here and leave us hanging...please share more, this is wonderful!!
    this is what life is about...truly you're blessed, i hope you have continued health to keep taking care of such a blessing.