great idea mervi

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    great mervi i am from ireland and watch ophera ALL THE time now it is dr phil who i think is great i will send an email tomorrow if i can get the address i have fibro and in ireland it is un beliveable the little we no about it i also was really taken back when i went to the hospital to find how many people suffer from it i really hope it gets some were and people reconise that it is not all in our heads i will watch message board to see what happens good luck and tc
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    Hi! I had to write to you. Right now as I'm typing I'm listening to a radio show that is playing Irish music! Where in Ireland do you live? My biggest dream is to go to Ireland! I read anything I can about Irish and Celtic history. I just finished a book about the Irish Revolution in 1921! I'm sorry you have fibromyalgia. Perhaps you can educate your doctor with information from this web-site. There is a lot of good info here. It's nice to meet you!