Great Lyme disease info on Dr J's website

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    Here is the link.............
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    I'm changing LLMDs in August. The new one I'm seeing is studying (thru ILADS grant) with Dr Jemsek. I think she'll be more current on the coinfections then the old LLMD.

    Thanks for posting the link, Nanie. How are you doing? How is your treatment going?
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    Hi munch,

    I'm glad you will be getting a LLMD who studied with Dr J.........fantastic!!

    I am doing ok.....sleeping better and less hot flashes.

    I think I will have to treat for babesia. My LLMD suggested it based on symptoms. I wanted to hold off for a few months due to no prescription plan and Mepron is very expensive.

    I have been reading alot though about how babs can cause muscle pain which is my worst symptom....

    see the March 31, 2009 blog and the July 14, 2009 blog

    Also, some people on have said their muscle pain resolved with babs treatment.

    I started taking bioidentical hormones a few months ago and artemisinin a few weeks ago. I am only having hot flashes now at night which makes me think babesia even more.

    I plan to discuss this with him at the end of next week at my appt and I'm willing to try it.

    Take care!
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    He's my son's LLMD. He was excellent at teasing out what other things were present (Lyme was the only 1 to show positive, but figured out bartonella + babesia), and he is so supportive.

    all the best,

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