Great News DIL passed the BAR exam....UPDATE!!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by fivesue, Oct 16, 2007.

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    Not only that, but she is flying to San Francisco for a job on Wednesday. She has been looking for a job since July after taking the luck.

    However, she interviewed for a CA bank job where they live; next, a person from the personnel dept. came up to see her, and on Wed. she goes there and then back home "to begin packing" as she said.

    We are so pleased for her. She is a very bright girl, very talented, and she has great taste in men...she married my baby.

    My son will continue his studies via computer until he gets residency in CA again, and then he can finish his degree here...he is a native and so is she, actually.

    Hooray. It is so wonderful to see your kids do so well and be pleased for the adventures ahead of them.

    Had to share this great news with all you wonderful, supportive people.



    It's official. She's hired and they are flying to SF this weekend to look for housing. Then, home to pack, move and start work in less than 3 weeks. So very happy for them.

    Thanks for your good wishes.!
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    Yes, SF is only a 5 hour drive from here and about the same from where we will be living. In fact, they will be living only about a hour or so away from my mother, brother and family and sister and family. We are going to Mom's for Thanksgiving, so we can just stop and see them as we have to go through SF to get to Mom's. I'm so excited.

    I am just so happy for them. My son had rough time growing up, but after he joined the navy at nearly 30, he really changed. He found this wonderful girl and life has been very good for him. So nice not having to worry about him the last 5 years of so. So unusual! (-:

    Again, thanks for reading this and responding. I appreciate you and your support and friendship.

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    And, to see her and talk to her, you would never think "lawyer." She is a nurturer...

    Thanks for your response.

    I appreciate your good wishes.

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    This is such great news!! Congratulations to you and your daughter inlaw and your Son also,,,,,,Not many people can pass that Exam easily i hear!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Soak up all the Proud Moments you can!,,,,,,,,,,,,Hugs!,,,,,Sis
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    I have been wondering about you...haven't seen many posts lately. We were gone for a couple weeks so I got out of touch.

    Loving the good things happening to my children. So grateful for all blessings in their lives.

    Soak up the good because so much bad happens. Have to remember these times when things aren't going as well.

    How's your dad doing? Still wowing the nurses? I'm glad he was able to make his decision and stick with it. Good for him.

    How are the cookie sales going?

    Just hope you are doing well.

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    Congratulations to your daughter in law.

    California has the most difficult bar exam in the country. The pass rate is often below 50%.

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    Hello again!

    Well Pop is doing pretty well up at the Mountian manor! Yep the nurses all dote on him and

    just the other day he put his shirt on wrong side out and snapped it up that way too,,,,,Ha,,I think he did that for the Extra Attention!,,,,,,lolol,,,,

    He drives his walker like a Cadillac!,,,,,,,,,,,He's doin' ok has told us kids that he will stay there for the winter,,,,,we are just letting him make his own decisions,,,,,,,,,Cookie sales are going about one a week,,,,,which is fine!,,,,,,So glad your doing good!,:)
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    What a great accomplisment!!!! Tell her congratulations!!!! This is something to be proud of!!!! She will do well!!!!

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    Rock...she took the bar in Washington as that is where they live and where she went to school. They wanted to stay there, but there just weren't any jobs. She is taking a job that doesn't require she be a lawyer, but it is a big bonus that she is. I believe she will take the bar in CA once they get settled and she gets comfortable with her job. She is a bright girl...she will do fine. Thanks for the nice words.

    Kriket...thank you for you thoughts. It is just so great to see your children doing well...and nice to have braggin' rights! (-:

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    Your dad is a kick! Putting his shirt on inside out! Funny!

    One order of cookies a week is plenty to start with...that is really good, actually. Any repeats?

    Just good to hear from you. How is daughter who just had her doggie put down doing?

    Thanks again for your support.

    (-: Sue
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    Well,,,,i haven't had any repeats on the Cookie orders,,,,,,hope thats not a bad thing!,,,,,,,lolol! i need to come up with a hoiday version now of the Cookies!,,,,,,,,,,,,like maybe a butter cookie and/or sugar cookies,,,,,,,,! hmmmm a project!

    My Girl Tanya is Adjusting to the loss of Her Babie! She owns a landscaping Buisness so is very busy with Fall cleanup,,,,,That helps her keep her mind off of stuff,,,,,,,,,i don't get to see her very often so i just pray for her alot!
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    This is wonderful news...hope she has good luck with the job...
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    They will call us tomorrow morning. She gets in late to Seattle tonight so eager for the phone to ring tomorrow.

    Thanks for responding.

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    That's great! I'm so happy for her.

    Love, Mikie
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    Your kind word are appreciated.

    Hope you are feeling well....UTI under control?

    Again, thanks and I will tell you all what the outcome is when I hear from them. Eager to hear. Haven't been home as took my husband to doc as he has sick guy.

    Ah, tired today. But, I'm so eager to hear the results of yesterday. I haven't heard so I wonder if the news is good...

    God knows.

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    it is a stepping stone...

    hope your hb gets well soon...i have a cold i guess hoping to get better soon as well.

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    for the wishes for both!

    Haven't heard from my DIL and son yet and hoping it isn't bad news. I don't want to wait, but will until they call me.

    Take care of your cold, don't want it turning into something else.

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    Sounds like they are off to start a wonderful new life! I agree, it is neat to see your kids do well!

    All the best,

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    It will be fun to hear about their new experiences. Looking forward to this time.

    Take care, and thanks again for your kind words.