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    A few weeks ago March 15th I posted a post here and I asked everyone to please pray for me because I lost my engagement ring and I was devistated...


    I have been really sick for a week and on Saturday was my worst day of all. I was laying on my bed with the windows open and could hear the kids playing in the yard, laugghing and giggling, wishing I had an ounce of energy to be with them. Hubby was talking to me when all of a sudden my daughter ran past the window saying "IM GOING TO TELL MY MOM...IM GOING TO TELL MY MOM ILL BE RIGHT BACK!!!"...and at first I was setting myself up to blow a cork thinking NOW WHAT ARE THEY FIGHTING ABOUT...GOD, IM TOO TIRED FOR THIS RIGHT NOW....

    well...she ran in the house like a crazed little girl screaming..."MOMMY.....MOMMY....COME HERE, COME QUICK...I FOUND YOUR RING MOMMY HURRY...."

    I was so exstatic! She found my diamond ring in the mulch in the garden. I thought I really looked everywhere out there and I gave up hope. Its been missing for several weeks now. I lost faith in finding it right away...hubby never gave up hope. He felt so horrible for how devistated I was for losing it and all the tears I cried that at easter he bought me a sweet danty little "PAST,PRESENT AND FUTURE" diamond ring to cheer me up because Ive been upset over my ring... I have it back. NEVER AGAIN will I wear my rings outside doing yard work. Even though I wore gloves, it must have fallen off when I was taking gloves on and off. I thought I lost it in the front when I took off gloves to shoot basketball hoops for a minute with my step-son. Then the next day we had freak snow storm...and a few on and off until recently.

    so thats the scoop!

    For all who prayed for the return of my ring THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!

    My angels and the good Lord are looking after me.

    As sick as Ive been the past week, that was "good" medicine to help cheer me up.


    P.S. I told all the kids a few weeks ago whoever finds the ring would get a new gameboy SP...well, my daughters now the happy owner of a Flame-Red Gameboy SP! LOL! Heck, I had to keep my promiss!!!!!
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    The Lord truly blessed you Diane. congrats.


    PS. Hope you gave your daughter a big {{{{{{{hug}}}}}}}
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    I`m so happy for you! I too thought that it would turn up. I hope you feel better soon. I`ve been feeling under the weather the last few days too.

    GOd bless,