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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by KarenL47520, May 20, 2003.

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    Found myself a new neurosurgeon and I have appointment. The pain in my neck and shoulder has really gotten bad over the past several days. I can't stand this anymore and I gotta do something.

    Saw the pain management jerk yesterday, we had words, and I am no longer going to him. I pleaded with him for something for my pain and he said I am giving you pain meds. I told him, yes but they are not helping. I then asked him why in God's name he wouldn't give me something stronger to help with the pain. Oh he says, now you are accusing me of withholding pain meds from you and it was all pretty much downhill from there. He is really a SOB.

    I started making calls this morning explaining my situation and making sure they would accept my military insurance and I found a doc that would see me. I have appt June 3. I called John at work and told him so he could schedule a vacation day to take me, it is downtown Louisville KY.

    I went to CHAMPUS' web site and pulled up all my charges with this pain management clown and I saw him a total of 4 times and the charges he submitted to the insurance came to total of $4810. He charged $2100.00 for last Monday's visit when I had the facet blocks done.

    I am all but dancing, I found a doctor who is willing to see me. They are aware that I have had a disc removed, hardware and all that and having major problems. They are willing to take me on as a new patient. Maybe I will finally find someone who will help me and I can get out of at least some of this pain.

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    im so glad you found a new dr,
    that pain drs just a jerk file a complaint with the insurance company about him he was undertreating your pain, he needs to know not to do that to people,if i where you i would probley file a complaint about this with the medical board in your state,remember he claims to be a pain speaclist,but didnt treat the pain, i think hes probley fed up with people seeking meds and dosent bother to treat anyon fairley,untreating is just as bad if not worse then over treating,if i where you i would also talk to your pc agin he can give you the meds you need for now he is just as guilty of not treating you,
    agin im so happy you found some help,i realy hope the new dr treats you with the respect you deseve,

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    Hi Karen,
    I don't know what problems you have with your back and I don't know if this info will apply to your situation, but I have several problems with my spine, 5 herniated discs in my cervical and lumbar spine as well as stenosis, degenerative disc disease and spurs.

    I had the option of surgery to snip the hernia or a fusion. I saw my spine doc yesterday and he informed me that next year, April, 2004, they will be able to replace bad discs in the spine. When he told me that a disc replacement would be available in 10 months, whew! I'm willing to wait that long for a better and more permanent cure for my back problems. Too bad they can't come up with a replacement brain to deal with the FM too. :)