great opportunity australian ME/worldwide patients get research

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    I know this may at first seem an unusual request, but here in Australia there is an organisation called GETUP which runs campaigns on behalf of needy causes, against injustice pressuring governments and decisionmakers with amazing success.

    They seem to raise vast amounts to finance the campaigns from public donations, and at present there is a suggestion on their plans for the future that they do a campaign on our behalf for Biomedical Research into M.E.

    Whilst this directly affects australians, it indirectly affects all of us with this disease, for as soon as any real government Biomedical research is started somewhere in the world it is not only a beginning but also may initiate a trend.

    The outcomes are unpredictable, but the value of the research data could be priceless, so please take a few minutes to go to the following link, make a comment, then go to the Health topics page listed on their homepage and give it the number of priority votes you think it deserves.
    The campaign with the most priority votes becomes the next funded


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