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    There has been lots of aclaim about Traumeel, but Heel homeopathics makes many more specific remedies for just about everything, and they have half a dozen geared to rheumatism and inflammatory conditions alone. Just want to let everyone know about Rhododendronheel. It literally is a "rainy day" remedy because it's a homeopathic pain and symptom remedy specifically geared to rheumatism that is made worse by rainy and damp conditions. And how many of us suffer from that? That's most of us that post again and again of how much worse they are in damp, rainy, and low pressure system weather. And that's me too, not just my pain and stiffness is worse, but also my many MCS allergies are worse on damp days.

    It is super specific to symptoms in damp weather though, it actually made me worse when I first tried it on a sunny day. I was getting MCS pain because I'd just been shopping, and I took the recommended dose of 10 drops and it gave me pain in my legs and knees (I don't ever get painful knees) and made me nauseaus and light headed. But instinct told me to play w/ the dose and that it would work best for what it was designed for.

    So sure enough, my majic dose is 6 drops on the worst crappy day, we all dread, and it's amazing. I was all groggy, tired and so painfully stiff I was going to get Ron to put Traumeel on my back, because I was dreading washing my face and getting dressed. I took it and presto, w/in a minute the pain was going and I felt alert, my eyes stopped feeling filmy and sandy, my allergies lightened , and the stiffness cleared so I could exercise and get ready for our day of wedding shopping. What a Godsend!

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    I'll look for this. I could have used it last week!!

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    I will be moving in June to live near the coast near San Francisco. I may need the Rhododendronheel when we have those foggy, rainy days. I'll look for it!

    Good info!

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    Jeanne, where can i find this product at ..? Is it on the web.? I feel so bad right b4 a rain storm or changes in the weather. My legs and feet are so heavy.,i drag when i walk. Thanks.
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    YOu could type Heel homeopathics, Rhododendronheel, into a search engine. But I don't recommend getting it from Nutrition Dynamics, they are only middle men for it, and it took me forever to get it delivered. I was also able to order it in from my local health store that sells me Traumeel cream. Traumeel is one o fthe most popular Heel homeopathics and most health stores will carry it, though most won't have the whole line of Heel stuff, but if they deal w/ the company, they can easily order it for you.

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    They are definitely Heel homeopathics. Neel is actually the name of their arthritic formula.

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    Just want to let people know, I've done 2 doses of the Rhododendronheel today. The first dose woke me right up, when I got up to early for me, because I had to go to an 11:00 am mother's day brunch. Yesterday was all shopping too. Took another dose early this aft. when I could feel the pain starting again after home from the brunch and then more shopping after, and I still haven't taken painkillers yet and normally have to take them much earlier when I've had an outing. I also woke up w/ no pain or real stiffness, probably because I was taking doses yesterday too.

    And the weather is soggy as can be, and another week of rain forcasted too. I notice it works best in the mornings for me, because it wakes me right up. So I'm wondering if I can use it as a morning remedy for the usual "truck ran over me" feelings we all wake up w/, even on sunny days. I'll have to get back to you on that one, when we finally have a sunny day again, that is.

    Oh well, all the new spring buds need rain. It's getting gorgeous looking around Ottawa again. For those that don't know Ottawa, it's a very lush major city, and tourists worldwide always marvel at it for our pervasive greenery.

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