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  1. Applyn59

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    I was wondering how that works.
    COuld someone who has used it for stool
    testing advise me?

    My dr ordered stool tests for me and I am wondering
    if I shouldn't do those and ask for the Great
    sm0key ones. I wonder how much better it
    is at great smokey? I always thought they were
    supposed to be best.

    How does it work? Are you responsible for
    returning the stool samples to them?

    The one from the hospital is kind of inconvenient.
    Mainly because it has to be returned within
    four hours of bowel movement and the fact
    that my bowel movements are not within the
    operating hours of the hospital lab.

    Could someone who has done this please tell me?
    Also, do you think my dr. would think I am crazy??

  2. dleverettjr

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    When I had to do it for my son they gave us several vials that perserved the stool until it could get to Great Smokeys. The doctor gave the kits to us that had the vials instructions and Fed Ex mailer.

    I don't know if they are the best but they have been around a long time.

    If there is something you don't understand definitely speak with the doctor.
  3. AnnetteP

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    and highly recommend this lab. It will test for things the hospital lab won't test for, probably because most dr.s don't see a reason to test for them...for things such as yeast, for example. And, more than likely, your regular dr. will not be familiar with theses tests. Also, insurance generally does not cover their services.

    The best route to go if you wish to use a lab like Great Smokies, is to give them a call and request the names of dr.s in your area. And, because some dr.s charge extra for these lab tests, its a good idea to find out their prices when you call their offices; this will help you decide which dr. you want to go with. An example of such is: my first dr. charged $550 for the stool test and didn't order the sensitivity panel which tells which drugs your strain will respond to; my second dr. charged around $250 and did request the sensitivity panel. The second dr. charges nothing extra for the tests and often you pay the labs directly, whereas the first dr. made you pay his office and they paid the lab, so you never really knew the actual cost of the test.

    For great smokies tests, you receive the test kit from the dr. and if bloodwork if required the dr.'s office will draw it and mail the package for you. For the stool test you are supplied with an envelope and the number for the carrier service you are to call. Once you call them they come to your door to retrieve the package and you don't pay them any extra; that cost if covered in the lab fee you pay to Great Smokies.

    Hope this helps,
  4. Applyn59

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    That is what I thought. I always heard they
    were the best for poop!
    Guess this is pooper scooper stuff!
    I have four of the vials with the liquid from
    the hospital. I don't have a french fry tray! Darn!

    I told her I wanted to be tested for candidas but
    I don't think she did it. Unless it is covered in
    one of the tests. I looked up what they all are though
    and none of them mentioned it.

    I just got my period six days early so I think
    I will wait until I am finished. I don't want to worry
    about any blood contaminating the stool and
    then not knowing if I have blood. My stools are
    not dark though. I just can't deal with it now.

    I did request list of drs and there was only
    one and he is a naturopath. I thought when I looked
    it up that insurance did pay for it. Not sure.
    Don't see why the dr. has to charge you for
    ordering the kit though. Aren't you double paying

    She is doing the stool testing because of my
    bowel problems. She wouldn't give me any
    med for IBS to hold me over until my end of
    august appt with GI.

    Oh well,