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    Just wanted to say that when I saw my GP
    yesterday for the 2nd time I told her that I was
    unable to do the hospital stool testing yet due
    to all that is going on right now with my mother.
    Also, the hospital schedule does not coincide
    with my bowel movements!

    I told her that I wanted my tests to be done
    through Great Smokies and asked if she
    had heard of them. She did not but I told
    her how they are the best lab for stool testing
    and that my chiropractor concurs. She said
    she would order the tests for me if I gave
    her the information.

    Today I went to my chiropractor and told him
    all about my lyme dr. appointment. Last
    week he told me that if he ordered the tests
    that insurance wouldn't cover it but that he would
    help me fill out the paperwork. I told him today
    that my dr. is willing to order the tests and he
    said he will go online and choose the tests
    and get all the information for me to give to
    her. I was so surprised that it didn't take much
    to convince her.

  2. healing

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    That's great news, Lynn! Keep us posted.
    (BTW, Great Smokies bills Blue Cross Blue Shield for me)
  3. IntuneJune

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    Are you near by or is this being done through the mail.
  4. pam_d

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    I, too, had the Great Smokies tests & think they do a great job. I'm glad this is working out for you.