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    I posted this on another thread, but I thought I'd do a separate one so more people would see this.

    I found this item via my PT. They had one in their gym and when they couldn't track down the company to buy a new one, I searched the web, ending up on Ebay. It's wonderful. I'd recommend this item for anyone with FM:

    (I don't sell these and have zippo to do with the company. Just a fan.) They're not cheap, but you can do decently on Ebay, Craig's List or more of those auction sites. It's a magnetic rubber roller with nubs all over it. I don't care about that magnetic hullaballoo, don't believe in it one bit. But the magnets make the thing perfectly weighted (unlike other products that look like this but are empty plastic shells). In the AM, when I wake up and feel like my legs can't move, I use this on the thighs and calves, etc. It helps with the circulation, massages them, and basically allows me to get out of bed. I also lie on it when my back gets really stiff. (It's shaped like two tennis balls tied together so it fits perfectly around the spine.) When I travel, I even take this, my heating pad, and the theracane ( with me...

    Seriously... if you have similar issues with your legs getting tired, achy, etc, this could be a great buy. In fact, I'm looking forward to getting home from work so I can use it again...

    best regards, Ibisgirldc

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