Great Weekend and Still Going Strong

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by wle, Aug 18, 2003.

  1. wle

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    I have had some wonderful days. Got off work on Friday and instead of going home and taking my usual nap I went home and started cleaning the guest bathroom. Did laundry. Hubby came come and we ordered pizza for supper. Got up Sat. am and vacumed the entire house and moped the kitchen floor - did more laundry, went to the grocery, came home fixed lunch and then ran another errand. Got up Sunday and ran an errand, finished mowing the lawn (on a rider) fixed lunch and supper for hubby and my son who was visiting and helping hubby with an outside project. Did a load of son's laundry...........and today still don't feel too bad. (I did nap on Sat. for an hr. and on Sun for about 1/2 hr.) In fact I suggested going out for chinese with my co workers today. Only complaint is my poor aching feet....but with the energy level as high as it is right now......I won't complain too loud. Know it won't last but can only hope..............WLE
  2. Spoonerpaws

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    You don't say if you have CFS or FM???

    What are you doing to get the extra energy? Vitamins, Meds or both?
  3. wle

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    FM. Am usually so achy and worn out that I can barely function. WLE
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    Glad to hear you are having several days of ENERGY...such a sought after commodity for all of us!!!!!

    Keep in mind to pace yourself......something that seems to slip my memory when I have energy!

    Enjoy these days!!


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