greatest doctor in the world!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by loto, May 4, 2010.

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    So busy at work.
    Went to my annual female exam today.
    I have the most wonderful gyno in the world!
    I didn't even ask him about any bloodwork, and he drew blood to check my thyroid levels, as well as hormone levels!
    Never in my life has a doctor done that for me at an annual exam, until I started seeing this one last year.
    So, instead of going to my primary doctor to ask for a thyroid check, I got it done without asking! So great.
    So, I'm anxious to see what the levels are. Haven't had them checked for probably close to a year. I'll know in a few days.
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    I'm so happy that you have a doctor like that, loto. Some gyn's really are the best doctors. Mine is like that too. When I first saw her a few years ago, and told her some of my symptoms, she did a very comprehensive blood work profile on me, including thyroid and hormones. The lab tech even made the comment as she was looking at my paperwork, "She doesn't ask for much, does she?" Unfortunately, everything came back within normal range, so she couldn't help me. LOL. But she tried!
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    Yes, I'm probably going to have "normal" results, also. But at least he thinks of things to check to try and help me out with my fibro, as well as gyno stuff.

    A friend of mine says her gyno is the only doctor she sees for everything. Wonder if my gyno will do that? I'm definitely going to find out.

    This morning I woke up with swollen glands and a sore throat, which comes and goes as it pleases. I'm sure it's FM related, also, I only wish I would've had it yesterday when I was at my appt so I could ask Doctor about it. It's so annoying![This Message was Edited on 05/05/2010]
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    LOVE LOVE LOVE my gyno. He's a great big Teddy Bear.Unfortunately I think he's close to retiring.

    About 6 yrs ago I asked if he'd be my "Dr." He said "sure, as long as you don't get sick" LOL! He is the one who was first concerned about my pain and started looking into things to help me. He would always run complete blood panels on me as well. Very thorough.

    Because Fibro as beyond his level of expertise, I had to seek another Dr. for things other than gynecological issues.

    If I saw him at the grocery store, he'd run up and hug me.

    You reminded me, it's time for my annual exam. How many people look forward to that? I do, because I get to see him!
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    My primary doctor's nurse called me yesterday and says they got my labs back and my iron is low again.

    Mind you, I suspected my iron was low and requested this blood work a month ago!!!!!! And she just called me back yesterday?????? I always pick up a copy of my results at the hospital when I have it done. I never wait for the doctor. So, I knew it was low, but didn't bother calling my doctor when I saw the results. I just simply started taking my iron tablets again.
    I didn't ask her why she's just calling me now for tests that were done a month ago, I just laughed. It's all I could do.
    Anyway, glad I didn't have some life threatening thing going on!