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    I won't go long into my symptoms because you've already described all. I've been suffering for years and until recently I always worked very hard to raise my 3 children
    on my own and now I even have grandchildren. It wasn't easy, but it was rewarding we are a very close and loving family.

    I got married to 2 years ago( after being together for 6 yrs, and thought now my husband and I can keep working, it will be easier on the bills and if the kids need help here and there we will be there for them. Well this damn disease as kept crawling on me since the Hurricanes of 2004,we went to work in Mississippi with Fema and I caught pneumonia and then pleurisy. Spent 3 weeks in the hospital and then in a trailer sick has a drunken sailor on his last
    days, then we caravan-ed to Louisiana to help out over there. we returned to FL and my brother-law called us and told us he was moving MOM & DAD from Oregon to Houston (they did want to go to Florida). So try and the sell the house I barely even got to enjoy and we moved to Houston. We were going to have the closing on August the 15th 2007 my sister and loving friend was elated she was going to come and stay and help me set up the house,not a new or big house just a 3/2/2 foreclosure with work to do. On July 21 2007, my brother-in-law found his wife dead in the bathroom when he was coming home she had died of a brain aneurysm. I was ??????? there are no words to describe it, but after I went and did what yo are supposed to do, I came back to Houston and manage to work for 4 months. Then all hell broke loose and the depression came back as though my tears bags had turned in broken damns, and all the other symptoms bulldozed along with everything. My sister was gone. Really gone. See I told you it was going to be short and I start and there just so much to say.
    My message is simple, lets thank our creator in every faith and religion and as you thank him (and I know this his hard) ask him to take a soul to heaven which ever your version of heaven is, and ask him comfort that mother, father, sister, daughter, brother, and the rest of that souls family.

    See, I feel we will have a day or a moment without physical pain,or emotional stress with DD, but their pain will never go away.
    I am also a fraction of what I used to be, oh no I take that back I've 60 xtra lbs LOL, I also try but can't stay away from my bed very long. I'll leave you with a quote my father (God rest his soul) used to say "I once cried because I saw a man with no shoes, until I saw one with no feet."" Food for thought,

    Love to all,

    By the way I'm 54 and now that my hair is stopping to grow on my legs, it's leaves me more time to tweeze tho pesty salt and pepper hairs that are now growing on my chin and upper lip. liyc.
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    Thanks for your post, it is so touching with such a positive attitude.

    Love the part about tweezing the hair on your chin as I can so relate.

    Thanks and God Bless,

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