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  1. Milo83

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    Just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you...
    Is your Mom still hanging on...
    Please know that you are in my prayers through this difficult time....
    Take Care.....God Bless........Love, Donna
  2. greatgran

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    Dearest Donna,

    Thank you so much for your post..My
    Mom passed away this morning..
    I could not go see her but someone suggested my husband put the phone to
    her ear and I talk to her..Even though she was unresponsive I talked
    to her and told her it was ok to go.
    That we would be ok and she had suffered long enough..That was last
    night and she died this morning...

    Due to everyones prayers I have
    done well today..God has carried me.
    I still have the funeral etc tomorrow
    and I know God will be with me..

    I think of you and wonder how you and
    your Mom are doing? Please keep me
    posted..Also your financial situation
    as I am not sure I told you but I am having those issues too. Will go into

    I had just posted a thank you before
    I saw your post.

    I will be in touch later may be a few
    days..My love and prayers are with you..

    Thank you,
    greatgran, Phyllis