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    JUST IN CASE, you haven't read Porchlight, ne 22, our granddaughter called in the evening of Fri., June 22nd to say that we had a new great-grandson. His name is Jacob Daniel and he weighed 8 lb., 5 oz. and is 21" tall.

    Our oldest son took us to Hoffman Estates hospital to see mamma and baby. I held him when he wasn't a day old and what at sweet time. Nothing in this world compares with holding a newborn baby. GThey are so sweet and innocent.

    If you want to know anymore, look at the last entry in Porchlight Vol. 118.

    Just have to brag before I go to gtake my evening shower. As in the song, "Because He Lives", it says "How sweet to hold a newborn baby and feel the pride and joy he brings".

    \Love to all,

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    induced labor is not fun...i had it, cody just wouldn't come out...emergency happy to hear those words over 17 years wonder cody was one week early, 9lbs. 5 oz. 21 1/2 inches long...i am only a 5ft 2 inches woman...yikes no wonder..

    i am happy your granddaughter finally had the luck of producing a wonder joy in your family...i bet she is happy it is over and is bonding w/her son...


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    Hi Joan,

    I think I alaready said this on the porch but I just wanted send another BIG congratulations to both you and the whole family. I am sure your granddaughter and her husband are VERY proud as well as they should be.

    Yes, you are right. There is nothing that complares with holding a newborn baby (and when they get older to) but that is really a special time. Hope you get to see him and your grand daughter again soon. I know it is hard when there is a distance. I have some of the same problems and hate to drive distances unless someone brings me.

    I do drive locally for errands and things that need to be done around here but I never got brave enough to drive into Houston myselk. My b/p is already high enough along with the pain. I don't want or need a stroke on the highway !!!

    A daughter and a son and their families are in Houston, One in NC and another in Fort Worth. I will take the bus into Texas. Texas is to BIG for me to be driving !! I have gotten better though and drive into see my two docs (specialist) in the Woodlands which is not to bad. I-45 is NOT fun to drive on alot of the times esp the closer you get to the city.

    Sorry to get off on a tangent but hope you get lots of time to hug that baby and your granddaughter too.

    BTW, my oldest grandchild is named Daniel and his younger brother is Jacob (the one with leukemia) but he seems to be coming along with his treatments althouh very susceptible to any infections.


    Granni (Marilyn)
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