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  1. isha

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    I did a search on this site re Green Barley Powder and nothing came up. Has anyone heard of it or and for that matter used it for the illness? Our group had a call from a lady stating that Green Barley Powder haddone wonders, naturally it is good to get feedback from others. The email I received about this stated the following:

    I had a call from a lady at Burleigh Hds (ASustralia, Queensland),she was so excited, she tried "Green Barley powder" ( no additives)
    and has had a great result for FMS/CFS and has 5 family members with this as well, her daughter is now trying the powder and also having good results(immediate).

    I would love feedback directly and on our board. My email is

    Thankyou kindly

  2. Freeny

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    Dear Isha,

    If you search the net for Barley Green it will bring up a site that you can order from. I have found similar products in health mags for lower prices, just check your ingrediants. Good luck.