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    im going to try to drink a green drink twice a day. my friends choleterol dropped 60 points so im gonna try lol.

    she puts 2cups spinach parsley celery kiwi lemon apple and little water. she puts glass in freezer for night.

    she has fibro too and says her energy is better.she ays she usesorganic but im thinking thats hard to get here so ive wahed mine in acv and rinsed thoroughly.

    ill report how long i last. love gail
  2. kat0465

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    Hi LeftyGG,
    what kind of juicer are you using?? i did the same thing and believe it or not, the drink is really good.
    i havent juiced in a few months, just because the dang juicer is such a pain to clean. but it did seem like when i was drinking a glass a day i had a little more energy.

    Good Luck,

    LEFTYGG Member

    i have a vitamix. it pretty powerful. i drank the juice this morning. i did not like it. whats in your drink thx love gail
  4. TigerLilea

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    Hi Lefty - Making juice in the Vitamix isn't the same as making it with a juicer. My only reason for buying the Vitamix in the first place was to make wholesome juice, but everytime I've made juice with it, it's like trying to drink compost. I much prefer juice that I make with my Omega juicer.
  5. kat0465

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    if i remember right, that Juicer uses pretty much all of the fruit and veggies. which means it's really thick!
    i have a jack Lalane juicer,and while it's not the greatest, it keeps a little of the pulp but nothing like the vitamix does.

    i usually juice whatever i have in the drawer.