Green Tea caps in the PH Store

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    Hiya all

    I have been looking for a larger dose of the green tea caps so that I am not taking 4 elephant sized pills everyday.

    I hadn't really found much out there and I had read someone in one of our green tea posts said they had a cap that had 1000mg?


    Anyhow went into the PH Store and saw 2 different kinds of green tea caps and wanted others imput into them.

    The one looks great but at $16 a bottle that is a little over my bank book at this point......... anyone with ideas would love to hear them.

    I have even seen green tea gum in the supplement section of some of the stores now and since I have TMJ I can not take it but chewing is one of the fastest ways to get something into your system.

    HAGD ALL! Brenda
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    Green Tea Extract
    Fights Free Radical Damage 4.3
    (43 ratings) Buy 1 for $6.99

    SAVE UP TO 60%
    # PH58: 500 mg, 60 capsules
    Lock in our LOWEST
    price: $5.94 with
    our SMARTBUY Program

    This has 500 MG......also another one listed......just go to the store and tea capsules,

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    I guess the PH store was the ProHealth store? Sorry
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    uhh sue been there done that lol

    and there are 2 different varieties.

    Do yuo take them?
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