Green, yucky stuff: does it invariably mean infection?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pearls, Mar 19, 2003.

  1. pearls

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    Hey, all, I asked the above question in my thread about learning something today. Several people gave their answers there, but I'd like to know - especially from those of you who are in the medical field. Does the color green in our sputum: from the sinuses or from the lungs invariably mean infection?

    I was in a really bad spot, with what I figured was pneumonia, and my regular doctor having suddenly split town. In my other thread, I explained how the one thing that persuaded the new doctor to prescribe antibiotics was the sample I had brought of the green stuff from my lungs.

    Someone questioned that kind of "proof." Hence my question to all of you.

  2. tandy

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    I might be the one on your thread that asked about the Greenies!! simply because I have a little boy with a Nasty cold,cough,had a high fever,can't hold down food,is drinking ok.....Anyway I had brought him in to his pediatrician because of all his symptoms were not getting etter after 5 days.The Dr. would'nt give him an antibiotic.He thought my son had a viral thing and It would clear on its own~(fine) But he has almost constant flow of green nasal discharge!(I call it bugers!!lol) I thought I had heard before that clear discharge was OK....and green meant infection~ Anybody know??
    I followed that thread of yours and never got my question answered so I gave up. If anyone knows please say so!!
    With regards,
  3. ssMarilyn

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    I was reading a list about this a couple of days ago, and clear discharge is okay, green is infection.

    Marilyn :)
  4. ssMarilyn

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    I found it on the net:

    Nasal Discharge

    Sometimes a nasal discharge of thick yellow-greenish mucus can be among the signs of a sinus infection, depending on how long the yellow-greenish mucus has been occurring. The longer the occurances, the more likely it may be a symptom of a sinus infection. Only your doctor (preferably an ENT specialist) can tell you for sure. Nasal discharge can also be caused by a
    cold, allergies, or sometimes hay fever, among other things.
  5. tandy

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    Marilyn~ !! I thought it meant infection.Now I would think that my child would need an antibiotic~ I"ll probably call the Drs office in the morning and try to get one phoned into my pharmacy.
  6. teach6

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    I always found that the magic words to get me in for an appointment or get an antibiotic were green or yellow discharge, drainage, mucus, whatever you want to call it. It is what has kept me on antibiotics for over a month with bronchitis. I'm on my second round of Augmentin after two of Zithromax.

  7. ozgran

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    Am just recovering from a head and chest "bug" and the clincher for my Dr giving me antibiotics was the "green stuff". Think I would have been in hospital had he not given me something. Love Ozgran.
  8. pam_d

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    For years I suffered from horrible sinus infections, and instead of a green nasal discharge, mine tended to be bright orange-yellow------exactly like the color of egg yolks! When I would get this, it was a surefire way for me to tell I had gone beyond just a bad cold, to an infection that needed antibiotics.

  9. Mikie

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    This isn't usually done unless the first round of antibiotics doesn't clear up the infection. Most docs will usually assume green slime equals an infection. Getting right on an ABX will start working instead of waiting for the lab results which usually just confirm what the doc suspects anyway.

    Love, Mikie
  10. pearls

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    I really appreciate this input. It has also been my experience that 1) I don't produce tons of the stuff, 2) mine tends to be more yellow than green, 3) in fact, gray is more likely the infection color for me, and 4) I usually don't even have a fever!

    I've had infection after infection for a number of years, usually in the sinuses, but now in my lungs, too, for the past several years. Most of the time, the key to getting help is seeing a doctor who 1) knows me and my problems, and 2) knows about my current "yucky stuff."

    Thanks again,

  11. ssMarilyn

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    Believe it or not, sometimes it's best to let little kid's infections ride for awhile. Reason being this gives the immune system a chance to fight the infection and grow strong. Kids that are always put on antibiotics have weak immune systems. Just keep tabs on his/her temp and don't run for the tylenol either....we get temps for a's our body firing up its forces to fight the germs in our body. Let your body do its job as much as you can!

    Marilyn :)