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    I was just reading on another post how you suspect mold contributing to health issues!

    I just wanted to tell you a little about my ordeal recently with MOLD!

    I was working in a building that had a leaky roof for three years the owners of the building failed to repair it and every time it rained the building got wet!

    In the summer of 2006 we had the air conditioner replaced in the building and it leaked through the condensation lines and into the building............and made the acoustical tiles wet and they crashed onto the floor .....I called the owners for months to repair this and they failed to do so................

    As a result I started becoming so sick I could barely function, and there was a distinct worseness when I got to work and a distinct aleviation when I left.....towards the end however I got so bad that I had laryngitis for 4 months, wheeezinf, stomach pain so bad I couldn't stand up straight, I lost almost 15 pounds, was nauseated, couldn't swallow, had headaches, eyes burned, itched, sinuses were unbearable etc the list goes on...........

    I made so many phone calls to agencies etc,,,,, finally I was forced to take matters into my own hands and buy a test kit a our local hardward store and like I had suspected and NO ONE cared enough to listen there was MOLD!

    I left work that day and haven't been back since! It has been almost four weeks and Iam still having problems from the mold but Iam doing a little better!

    I feel like becoming an advocate for mold situations because Iam sure if I hadn't got that test kit and continued to work in that building I probably wouldn't be here today! IT WAS THAT BAD!

    So, please make sure you get proper care for you and your family and don't let anyone tell you that you are crazy MOLD is serious and it can KILL !


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