greenqueen ibs and fibro do go hand in hand

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    greenqueen i have had exrays catscans colonoscopys andi can't think o the one where they go thru the mouth down the throat and no hernia this was all done by the head of the gastr and endro dept of kingston general a teaching hospital and considered one of the leading in north america your right bloating is common with this disease to a point but not to this we went for 3 more opinions all are stumped as i said they just say its the worse case they have ever seen and there sorry can't do more the fibro has attacked me neurologically we they first said it had nothing to do with it they now know different i'm just 40 but move like 70
    depending on the day i have no control of right side what so ever i have now met others in advanced stages like myself so please don't question someones symptons on the site we deal with that enough everyday with those that don't have it we don't need it from one of our own.ejay